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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs J Greenwood  - CEO Leigh Trust

Mrs R Yasmeen  - Deputy CEO Leigh Trust


Mrs C Nott  - Head Teacher, DSL & SPOC

Mrs N Bajwa  - Deputy Head / DSL

Miss R Stanley  - Assistant Head, EYFS Lead, Phonics Coach & DSL

Mrs E Simpson  - Assistant Head, Inclusion & Lead DSL

Mrs S Sultana  - Assistant Head, Year 2 Teacher & DSL

Mrs S Simpson  - Leading Practitioner, Year 1 Teacher & DSL

Miss A Salim  - Leading Practitioner Head & Year 6 Teacher




Nursery Team

Ms L Audie  - Teacher

Mrs A Ali - Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Akhtar - Teaching Assistant



Reception Team

Miss C Harding - Teacher RH

Mrs S Court - Teacher RC

Miss A Bennett Teacher RS

Miss YAhmed - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Choudhury - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Begum Teaching Assistant - Part Time




Year 1 Team

Mrs S Simpson  - Teacher 1S, Year Group Lead & DSL

Miss M Byrne  - Teacher 1B

Miss H Townsend - Teacher 1T

Mrs S Begum  - Teaching Assistant

Miss R Shaheen  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Riaz - Teaching Assistant




Year 2 Team

Mrs S Sultana  - Teacher 2S & Assistant Head

Miss S Akhtar  - Teacher 2A

Ms S Kaur - Teacher 2RA

Mrs R Evans  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Iftikhar - Taching Assistant

Miss H Ahmed  - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Team

Mrs A Carter  - Teacher 3C & Year Group Lead

Mrs B Saini - Teacher 3S - Part Time

Mrs R Sharma - Teacher 3S - Part Time

Miss R Limalia - Teacher 3L

Miss S Parkes - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Salim - Teaching Assistant



Year 4 Team

Miss F Bi - Teacher 4B & Year Group Lead

Miss N Suwa  - Teacher 4S

Mrs A Shareef - Teacher 4AS

Mrs C McCann - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Hothi - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Johnson  - Teaching Assistant



Year 5 Team

Ms V Fiellateau  - Teacher 5F & Year Group Lead

Mr S Ahmed  - Teacher 5A

Miss A Shaheen - Teacher 5S

Mrs S Powell - Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Nash - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bonner  - Teaching Assistant



Year 6 Team

Miss A Salim  - Teacher 6S & Year Group Lead

Mrs S Shan  - Teacher 6SS

Miss J Harris  - Teacher 6H

Mrs S Begum  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Kato  - Senior Teaching Assistant

Miss S Parveen  - Teaching Assistant



Inclusion Team

Mrs E Simpson  - Assistant Head, Inclusion & Lead DSL

Ms H Musied  - Deputy DSL & Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs R Noreen  - HSLW

Mrs H Bahri  - Learning Mentor - Part Time

Mrs H Nasib  - ASD Lead & 1:1 Support

Miss Z Malik  - SEN Teaching Assistant 1:1 Support - Part Time

Mrs S Naz  - SEN Teaching Assistant 1:1 Support

Mrs R Shaik  - SEN Teaching Assistant 1:1 Support

Ms Q Ali  - SEN Groups - Part Time

Mrs S Farhat - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sava - EAL & Romanian Support



Other Staff

Mr D Wells  - Cover Teacher

Mrs J New  - Cover Teacher - Part Time



Office Staff

Mrs D Hall  - Bursar

Mrs G Suemul  - Senior Secretary

Miss S Rani  - Clerical Assistant

Miss K Sherlock  - Attendance Manager



Other Support Staff

Mrs S Cable  - Librarian & Reading Support

Mr P Hall  - Site Manager

Mrs P Hall  - Assistant Site Manager

Mr N Mullen  - Strategic Computing Manager