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SchoolCloud for Parents Evening

We are holding the IN PERSON Spring 1 Parents' Evening on Thursday the 2nd of February between 4pm and 7pm with teacher in classrooms.  This Parents' Evening will be in person but we are using the SchoolCloud system to make bookings.  The booking procedure is the same as for previous Video meetings. 


We reserve the right to refuse entry to parents who arrive without having made a booking online.


Remember to spell all names as they are on the register for login to be successful.  Also Parent name spellings must match our records.


You can book your appointment as soon as you get the text from the school.


Then on the Evening come back to this page or the site link above and login to attend the Parents' Evening Virtually.  N.B. for in person meetings there is no requirement to come back to webpage after booking is made.

SchoolCloud Parents Evening - Parent Login

Demonstration of the parent login of SchoolCloud Parents Evening with Video Appointments