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At Alston Primary School, geography’s fundamental role is to inspire curiosity within our children and to support them in deepening their understanding of the human and physical aspects of the world around them.
Our bespoke geography curriculum, which is underpinned and goes beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014), encourages our children to develop a holistic appreciation of the world and a secure understanding of how it works and their place within it- including the interconnections between concepts such as scale, cultural diversity, the environment and sustainability and interdependence. Our geography curriculum develops knowledge and skills that are transferrable and progressive, promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It uses the concrete and local to connect with and understand the abstract and global.
All our discrete geography topics have a central enquiry question, which the children work towards answering, over the course of a half term. These play an integral role in the development of learning as they enable our pupils to express their thoughts, share their learning and justify their opinions.
Through our geography lessons, we are able to contextualise and extend the possibilities for developing and applying language and mathematics. It is a subject which enriches the understanding of, an in, subjects from science and history to art and design. Our curriculum promotes challenge for all, through promoting the passion to explore, discover and preserve our planet for future generations.
To find out more about our geography at Alston Primary School, please see the documents below.