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The children will be back at school on Monday 2nd November. If you have any outstanding queries or concerns please contact the school via


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Years 1-3

3R - 95%

Years 4-6

5G - 94%

Star of the Week Award 1B Aisha, 1T Muhammad, 1F Amaal, 2B Laris, 2A Zahra, 2J Alisia, 3S Ayeshah, 3B Subhaan, 3R Tasmia, 4C Muhammed, 4L Aiden, 4K Rayyan, 5S Amutal, 5G Alia, 5CD Patrisia, 6A Iqra, 6S Marta, 6H Anam, 6W Mumtaza, 6B Rebeca. Handwriting Award 1B Noor Fatimah, 1T Zahra, 1F Inayah, 2B Zarah, 2A Muhammed, 2J Naila, 3S Abdun-Nasir, 3B Sara, 3R Hooriya, 4C Rafay, 4L Iffat, 4K Muhammed, 5S Zoya, 5G Owais, 5CD Ameen, 6A Maryam, 6S Syed, 6H Ziad, 6W Moeez, 6B Sadiq.
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