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School Council

School Council 2019-2020


Our School Council is made up of representatives elected by class members form years 1-6. Anyone is encouraged to run in the School Council elections at the start of each school year. Our School Council members are organised, reliable, trustworthy and respectable, all of which are values our school believes in. Miss Townsend in Year 1 leads the School Council and holds meeting twice each half term.


Our Members 


1B - Adam

1SB - Anam R 

1T - Aisha

2A - Sara

2B - Nusair

2S - Aleeza

3B - Seher

3C - Aleena

3R - Inaya

4L - Kiran

4NS - Fatima

4S - Ismail

5AS - Safah

5F - Ziad

5S - Maryam

6A - Amani

6H - Laraiba

6SS - Dawud




Why do we need School Councils?


For many years, all the decisions about children were made by adults. 

This was thought to be best because adults are older and have experience, training and qualifications.


But adults didn’t always make the right decisions, sometimes because they

hadn’t talked with the children about the issue.


All the countries of the world got together and agreed that children must be

given rights. Plus, sometimes their ideas are actually better than adults!


So the government decided that adults must listen to children before making

a decision about them.


Article 12 – Every child must have a say in matters affecting them.