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School Council

Alston School Council

2018 - 2019


Our School Council is made up of 1 pupil from each class from Years 1-6, every year we run an election campaign to vote for a new representatives for each class.


A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings and feedback any upcoming changes. 

Miss Byrne in year one runs the council and we aim to meet once every 2-3 weeks to discuss suggestions from the box outside Mrs Nott's office and work on longer projects such as the school shop and library. 


If you would like anything to be raised by the Council please talk to your councillor, drop a note into the Suggestion Box or talk to Miss Byrne.


Alston School Council

2018 - 2019


1S – Jemimah

1B – Tasmia

1T – Abdirisak

2S – Khadija

2RA – Razan

2A – Umaiza

3C – Imaad

3L – Aleeza

3S – Zaynah

4B – Raihaan

4AS – Muzamel

4S – Zoya

5F – Subhaan 

5A – Ayaan

5S – Halima

6S – Hiba

6SS – Eisha

6H – Ayaan


Saltley Young People's Parliament (SYPP)

Wednesday 21st November 2018


Today the School Council representatives from  Years 5 and 6 went to SYPP to discuss some important matters with  School Council members from other schools. We had a fantastic discussion about crime in the local area and our rights.   

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What have we done so far?


  • We have met with Miss Byrne and had a discussion about what being a school council representative  means. We also had our photographs taken, met the other school council members and labelled our class message books. 
  • We recently looked at the new school menus, we wrote a list of meal suggestions that we were unsure of and wanted to discuss with our peers. We then we went back to our individual classes to feedback to them and have a class vote. The suggestions were then put forward to Mrs Nott who has since discussed them with the kitchen staff.
  • We have designed and made some fantastic invitations for the WW1 celebration assembly.  
  • We went on a morning outing to The Brig House, we enjoyed walking in the countryside, making dens and natural collages. 
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Why do we need School Councils?


For many years, all the decisions about children were made by adults. 

This was thought to be best because adults are older and have experience, training and qualifications.


But adults didn’t always make the right decisions, sometimes because they

hadn’t talked with the children about the issue.


All the countries of the world got together and agreed that children must be

given rights. Plus, sometimes their ideas are actually better than adults!


So the government decided that adults must listen to children before making

a decision about them.


Article 12 – Every child must have a say in matters affecting them.