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Green Team

The Green Team in Alston Primary school is committed to improving the environmental friendliness of our school and our local area.

Please meet the children who are working hard to achieve our goals!


Year 1

Safa                      Eric                      Safaa


Year 2

Sakina                   Raees                    Azan


Year 3

Tazneem                Ridwan                   Raidah


Year 4

Inayah Azal            Sara                     Zara


Year 5

Eliyah                     Anaum                   Aiza


Year 6

Bushra                    Sulaiman               Hajra                    Jemimah


The Green Team at Alston School is made up of likeminded and passionate children who care about the environment and want to learn more about what they can do to protect our delicate system. They are also excited to share all that they learn with other children and adults.


We tasked with helping everyone who works and learns here to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We pride ourselves on being open to learning and trying new ways to keep our local environment, and whole planet, safe and healthy.

Each year we take part in many initiatives to look after our planet and promote more sustainable living.

Take a look at some of things we have done over the year!

Cut Your Carbon 
For the month of November, the Green Team signed the school up to 'Cut Your Carbon' an initiative to reduce our carbon emissions.

 Some children took home activity packs with 9 great ways to cut their emissions during the month and hopefully in the future! 

Carbon cutting activities:
•    Have a shower instead of a bath.
•    Walk or take public transport instead of travelling in a car. 
•    Take some meat free days! 
•    Buy preloved clothes instead of new ones as well as giving away your unwanted things to people who need them, instead of throwing them in the bin. 


Big Battery Hunt  
Alston has been taking part in The Big Battery Hunt for the last year and we are so proud of the amount of children and adults alike who have gotten involved in reducing the amount of batteries that are put into landfills each year! 

The facts and statistics surrounding used up batteries are astounding, here are some of the most jaw dropping. 
•    Approximately 160 million mobile phones batteries are thrown away every year.

•    Batteries thrown in household rubbish bins cause about 700 fires every year.
•    More than 20,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill sites – that’s as heavy as 4,000 elephants.
It is important that we continue to collect used up batteries so that they can be recycled at a specialist plant. If you have any household batteries at home, please bring them into school where they can be dropped off in the office or outside Ms Foley's classroom.

You can visit the Big Battery Hunt website to learn more : Big Battery Hunt 



The Green Team YouTube Channel
We closely follow The Green Team programme which also has a YouTube channel. This channel features fantastic ideas of things to do with your children as well as fun facts and educational videos about the outdoors. 

They also have a bank of stories being read outside in forest school areas. Please visit this page with your children and enjoy a story together.


The Big Plastic Count

From March 11th - 17th  , we are signed up to take part in The Big Plastic Count. This is where the children are encouraged to tally all of their single use plastic for a whole week and then upload it to an online dashboard using a link that has been sent to parents. 

The data collected will be sent to government ministers along with a call for action.  The schools with the most engagement have the chance to send some children to speak with ministers, this would be a great opportunity for our children.





Air Quality Monitoring


Alston has an Air Quality monitor installed which can be viewed online.