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Green Team



The Green Team are a dedicated group of children, elected by their class teachers, to ensure the school is as environmentally friendly as possible! We are currently meeting to undertake an Environmental Review of the school; this looks closely at 10 aspects of our relationship with the environment. 

  • Biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Global Citizenship
  • Healthy Living
  • Litter
  • School Grounds
  • Marine
  • Transport
  • Waste and
  • Water.

We are confident that our school already does a lot to protect the environment and be environmentally friendly but there is always more that can be done. 


The Green Team ambassadors are lucky to be working alongside the School Councillors and UNICEF ambassadors in their own classes, sharing ideas and passion for the school. Alston is also growing an impressive Healthy For Life initiative in partnership with the Healthy Life Programme, and they have been working closely with us to improve on our Healthy Living Goal.  


On January 26th, our Year 1 Green Team ambassadors, School Councillors and UNICEF ambassadors will be taking a trip to a local park. The Birmingham Trees 4 Life group has a goal to plant 1300 sapling trees, and we are there to help! 


Meet the Team


Tanisha 1b 

Hamza 1h 

Maria 1f 

Matabah 2k 

Safwaan 2l 


Haiqa 2b 

Ahmad 3a 

Ramla 3r 

Adam 3s 

Hajrah 4c 

Ibrahim 4b 

Summaya 4k 

Inaya A 5c 

Sufyaan 5cd 

Syed 5s 

Haider 6h 

Zahra 6m 

Hafsa 6a