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Parent Online Safety

How safe is TikTok?

Watch the video for some great safety settings for this popular app.

TikTok Tips: You're in Control Video Series 2.0 | TIKTOK OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

Jessie & Friends: Film for parents and carers

Limiting Screentime


Childnet International have issued the following useful advice for parents of children 0 to 7 on the subject of limiting screentime and taking time with your child to explore the digital world together.



Click the image or this link to view the advice.

(Via Childnet International)


Click here for some more tips on helping your children develop good media habits

(via Common Sense Media)

Microsoft Parental Controls

Microsoft Family is a new feature in Windows 10  and on Xbox which allows parents to have control over their children's online activity.  To make use of these features your child must be using a Microsoft account under the control of your family account. 









   Screentime for Apple iOS Devices                                             



  Google Family Link for Android Devices


5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

Do you know how to protect your child from online risks? These 5 tips will help. Number 2 is super easy. - Hampton Primary School, Mauritius. 1. Get permission Teach your child to always get permission before using the computer and always try to sit with them.

NSPCC - Enable Parental Controls


Click here for more info on the NSPCC website


Online Safety assembly presentation (PowerPoint file)

Below are many useful links to sites that will help you learn more about online safety.

"YouTube Kids" A safer app for Children.

This app offers a simple child friendly interface and will only suggest educational videos.  Also it features parental controls so you can limit the usage of this app and set time limits.



Some online safety facts from