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'Safeguarding is everybody's responsibility'

Here at Alston Primary School, we have a duty of care to ensure that all children are cared for and protected. 


Parents and carers are normally our first point of contact for any concerns we have.  We will support parents and carers and ensure we work in collaboration with them to protect children.  As is our statutory duty, we will report to Children's Social Care if we have any reason to believe that a child may be at risk of suffering abuse or neglect.  When a referral is made to social care, parents will be notified beforehand except when guidance from social care or the police does not allow this. 


The school has a Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead;


Ms E. Simpson

DHT/Inclusion Manager


Please contact her, via the school office, if you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns.  There are six other Designated Safeguarding Leads:-


Mrs H. Musied

Senior Mentor

Mrs C. Nott




Mrs S. Sultana


Mrs S. Simpson


Mrs R. Noreen

Inclusion Manager


Our Prevent Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is the Headteacher Charlotte Nott.  Please refer to the full Safeguarding Policy for further details.