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Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Alston Primary School we want all children to be happy at school and at home.  There are many ways that you can make sure that happens. 
How to be Happy

If you have a problem or you are worried about something at home or in school then you can:-

Speak to an adult in school


Ms Simpson and Mrs. Musied are available to speak to you if you cannot speak to an adult in your class. 

You could write your worry down and post it in the Worry Box.  The Worry box is outside Mrs. Nott's room. 

If you do not want to use the Worry Box, share your worry with an adult at school or at home then you can contact ChildLine. 

All children learn about developing positive wellbeing and resilience and about managing mental health concerns in some of your PSHE lessons. 


The school has special theme days where you learn about positive wellbeing and how to prevent mental ill health. 

World Mental Health Day Assembly