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Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

I understand that while I am a member of Alston School I must use technology in a responsible way.

For my own personal safety:

  • I understand that my use of technology will be monitored.
  • I will keep my password safe and will not use anyone else’s (even with their permission)
  • I will keep my own personal information safe as well as that of others. (My name, family information, journey to school, my pets and hobbies are all examples of personal details)
  • I will tell a trusted adult if anything makes me feel uncomfortable or upset when I see it online.
  • I will only use email which has been provided by school
  • I will always check with a responsible adult and my parents before I show photographs of myself
  • I will never meet an online friend in person without taking a responsible adult that I know with me

For the safety of others:

  • I will not interfere with the way that others use their technology.
  • I will be polite and responsible when I communicate with others,
  • I will not take or share images of anyone without their permission.

For the safety of the school:

  • I will not try to access anything illegal.
  • I will not download anything that I do not have the right to use.
  • I will not deliberately bypass any systems designed to keep the school safe (such as filtering of the internet).
  • I will tell a responsible person if I find any damage or faults with technology, however this may have happened.
  • I will not attempt to install programmes on ICT devices belonging to the school unless I have permission.
  • I will only use social networking, gaming and chat through the sites the school allows.


I know that once I post a message or an item on the internet then it is completely out of my control.  I understand that I am responsible for my actions and the consequences. I have read and understood the above and agree to follow these guidelines: