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Physical Education





Physical Education is an essential part of the curriculum as it offers children the opportunity to achieve with their physical abilities as well as with their academic abilities and is inclusive of all. PE enhances children’s learning as it provides a kinaesthetic and enjoyable approach to learning new and often transferrable skills which is broken down into achievable steps- meaning it can be accessed by all. Children are timetabled to take part in PE two hours a week.

PE is an active way to enhance memory, control weight, improve mood and therefore increase concentration and children’s attainment, hence the focus of ensuring all children are active throughout the school day and the extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school e.g. Martial arts club, gymnastics club, basketball and football club. Our PE ambassadors stay up to date with the requests and suggestions of the children to ensure they are enjoying their subject and the opportunities they are given.

The intention of physical education is that through each stage of their education, children will enhance their physical skills, starting with awareness of their bodies and its movement in Nursery and Reception, right up to acquiring new skills throughout the years e.g. movement and dance, gymnastic knowledge, ball skills, control and manipulation, rules of games etc.

Each year children are in school, they work on skills acquired in previous years and build on their knowledge of their own capabilities and possibilities. They also build their knowledge of the different sports, rules and skills associated and are challenged to extend themselves in every area.



Alston Primary school uses the PE Hub scheme of work as it is closely aligned with curriculum expectations for each year group and progression of skills is evident and trackable throughout each unit. Teachers and Sports coaches discuss skills to be gained including learning intentions and how this will benefit the children or help them achieve in each area. They also use resources to demonstrate the expectations of the units taught including videos and physical demonstrations. Children are always challenged during sessions to go beyond expectations with extensions and variations of skills learnt.

Active lessons are encouraged to ensure children are active as much as possible and children often have active science lessons to learn the benefits of PE and how it benefits the body and their mental and physical health. In addition to this, all children have the opportunity to take part in an extensive programme of swimming lessons to enable them to meet the end of KS2 National Curriculum requirements.  At present we offer swimming lessons to all of our Year 4 pupils.

Assemblies about the importance of physical and mental health, workshops such as the fitness workshops, dance day workshops and events like sports day have all emphasised the importance of physical education and the benefits of it, therefore increasing awareness amongst the children.

Resources are available for each area taught within PE hub ensuring children have access to everything they need for each unit.




The impact of PE is an increased awareness of the health benefits on their physical and mental health and an awareness of why this is important. Children are also aware of the risks of not being active and how this can impact on them.

Children increase their knowledge of rules in different areas, requirements in different areas and their knowledge of their bodies and their own capabilities.

Their understanding is evaluated through assessments at the start and end of each unit linked to the learning intentions of each session within the PE hub planning.