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School Council

Alston School Council.


Our School Council is made up of 1 pupil from each class from Years 2-6. Mrs Simpson in 1S runs the council.

We aim to meet once every 2-3 weeks to discuss suggestions from the box outside Mrs Nott's office and work on longer projects. 

We recently looked at the subject of the school's toilets and canvassed our classmates opinions on what could be done to improve them. 

Over the Christmas holidays toilets were installed in the Year 4 corridor. A success for the School Council!

We are currently working on a set of rules to be displayed in each set of toilets.

If you would like anything to be raised by the Council please talk to your councillor, drop a note into the Suggestion Box or talk to Mrs Simpson.

Saltley Young People's Parliament

Friday 10th March 2017


Today six children from Y6 including the councillors went to the Rosary School for a meeting of the Saltley Young People's Parliament. Liam Byrne MP attended and was very interested to hear our views.

Topics debated included crime, internet safety and the problems facing young people in our area. 

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