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Reminder we have Parents' Evening on Wednesday (17th Oct) and Thursday (18th Oct) 4-6pm.


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100% - 1T


100% - 4B


99% - 6S

1S - Latif and Sara, 1B - Ana-Maria and Riya, 1T - Hajra and Abdirisak, 2RA - Samia and Razan, 2S - Khadija and Seher, 2A - Anum and Izhan, 3C - Dawud and Alina, 3L - Aleeza and Ameen, 3S - Najmah and Owais, 4B - Zain and Ismail, 4AS - Marta and Musa, 4S - Marisela and Amir, 5S - Aysha and Khurram, 5F - Muhammed and Abdullahi, 5A - Abdur Rahman, and Ayaan, 6SS - Nilufar and Denisa, 6H - Samaya and Dawud, 6S - Inaya and Adeela
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