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Please come to the school office if you would like to put your child's name down for Nursery and Reception starting September 2018. Reminder, school meals price will increase on 1st May to £2.30 per day.


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99% - 1S


99% - 4P


97% - 5A

Nursery am - Anna and Ayyub, Nursery pm - Aleena and Hassan, RS - Usman and Falak, RAK - Mirela and Ishaq, RSS - Haroon and Amaya, 1S - Miruna and Amaan, 1B - Aroush and Rayyan, 1NS - Faiza and Shahan, 2A - Fatimah and Kayaan, 2B - Amatul and Dawud, 2S - Zayna and Ayaan, 3A - Anna and Amir, 3B - Mumtaz and Isaac, 3C - Moeez and Nawal, 4P - Kayden and Damarisa, 4H - Sabaa and Divine, 4S - Haleena and Raziq, 5A - Farhaan and Hebah, 5F - Diiriye and Nusaiba, 5S - Mustafa and Inaya and, 6H - Mahanor and Awais, 6SS - Hamza and Kay-Leigh, 6S -Isaaq and Aytul
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