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Please come and join us tomorrow at 1.30pm to take your child/ren to the school fayre. Children can pay 50p to come to school dressed in their own clothes.

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99.3% - 2S


100% - 3B


100% - 5F

1B - Sara and Mikail, 1NS - Sumaya and Piper, 1S - Amaan and Zoya, 2B - Laiba and Haseeb, 2S - Laiba and Haseeb, 2A - Hafsa and Husna, 3A - Mikaeel and Inayah, 3C - Syed and Abdirahman, 3B - Jawairia and Maryam, 4P - Aliza and Mariya, 4H - Aysha and Medina, 4S - Nadira and Sarah, 5F - Hamaira and Talha, 5A - Samaya and Fizza, 5S - Sabah and Inaya, 6S - Amreen and Lybah, 6SS - Samreen and Kayleigh, 6H - Azima and Adrian
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