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We are holding Equality & Diversity Parent Workshop this week for all years - we hope to see you all at the meetings.

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RH -99%

Year 1 & 2

1NS - 100%

Year 3 & 4

3F - 99.33%

Year 5 & 6

6G - 100%

RAK Rabia, RS Lorendana, RH Ameen, 1C Ayub, 1S Yacub, 1NS Isaac, 2B Khurram, 2P Zakariya, 2S Mariya, 3M Hayyan, 30K Hiba, 3F Laiba, 4H Anisa, 4D Eesa, 4S Aleena, 5N Lubna, 5S Noran, 5F Arsallan, 6SS Faizaan, 6S Sultan, 6G Hasan.
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