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Parent Online Safety

Online Safety Assembly 15th September

At Alston we had an Assembly on the Subject of Online Safety

Online Safety Presentation (PowerPoint file)

Below are many useful links to sites that will help you learn more about online safety.

"YouTube Kids" A safer app for Children.

This app offers a simple child friendly interface and will only suggest educational videos.  Also it features parental controls so you can limit the usage of this app and set time limits.



Some online safety facts from

Top 10 Parental Cyber-Safety Tips for the Summer

Kids today effectively don’t experience days and nights. Instead, it’s time spent on the Internet and time spent on screens; that’s the new age anti-meridiem and post-meridiem for you! Summer time just opens the floodgates to babysitting by gadgets. Here’s a to-do-list of best practices for parents and caretakers to ensure that their children are safe online:

  1. Spell out expectations
  2. Be conscious of cyber-safety
  3. Befriend your children online
  4. Live life offline too
  5. Embrace digital parental control
  6. Follow up on kids' Internet usage
  7. Report cyberbullying
  8. Have conversations over difficult topics
  9. Encourage sports and free play
  10. Leverage online media
Originally published by Mobicip