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Green Team

The Green Team is made up of 1 pupil from each class from Years 1-6, every year we run an election campaign to vote for new representatives from each class.


A good representative will speak at meetings about things that we can do in and around school to protect our environment. They will also tell their class about what is going on in their Green Team meetings and feedback any upcoming changes. 

Mrs Carter in Year 3 Looks after The Green Team and we aim to meet once every 2-3 weeks to discuss Any new ideas and to work on longer projects such gaining a silver Eco-Schools award. 


If you would like anything to be discussed by the Green Team, please talk to your representative or speak to Mrs Carter.

Alston Green Team

2018 - 2019


1S – Zia

1B – Aleeza 

1T – Hajra 

2S – Mikael 

2RA – Mikail 

2A – Aayaan 

3C – Marwa

3L – Fatimah  

3S – Hussain 

4B – Maryam 

4AS – Musa 

4S – Husna

5F – Isam 

5A – Mariam 

5S – Yacqub

6S – Aliza 

6SS – Eisha 

6H – Hannah

Here is where you will find out what the Green Team have been getting up to!

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Our minutes from our meeting on 15th January 2019

Our minutes from our meeting on 15th January 2019 1
In December, we placed a test-tube on the front of our school building. It was sent to us by UNICEF for us to monitor the air quality around our school. Mrs Carter collected the tube after 2 weeks and sent it off to UNICEF for analysis. Let's hope the results are good!

What have we done so far?


  • We have met with Mrs Carter and had a discussion about what being a Green Team member means. We also had our photographs taken and met the rest of the team.
  • We have chosen a design to go on the blue recycling bins around the school.
  • We have discussed what we aim to do this year: active light management, improve the school grounds, install a pond and growing areas.  
  • We went on a morning outing to The Brighouse where we enjoyed walking in the countryside, making dens and natural collages. 
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