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Topic 3 Year 2 Homework Projects

World Mental Health Day



Mental health is an extremely important topic! It is about how you feel, think and can affect how you behave. We all have mental health; good mental health or bad mental health. Lots of children have mental health problems and it means they can feel sad, angry or anxious. We thought about times when we might feel sad or anxious and the children enjoyed discussing different emotions that they have felt and how they can overcome them, such as speak to an adult. We then completed an activity about what we can do if we feel upset at school and at home.




This week we have looked at how we keep safe emotionally and physically . Emotional safety is how we feel, scared or upset. Children in Year 2 discussed that emotional safety is very different. We spoke about how to feel emotionally safe in school, such as telling your teachers when something upsets you, or putting it in our worry box. We spoke about what keeps us safe at school and at home. We discussed that physical safety is something to stop us from getting hurt such as cutting ourselves or making ourselves poorly. 

PSHE- Developing self-esteem 26.09.2018


Year 2 had the school nurse in to discuss self-esteem. Children learnt about what they are good at, what they are not so good at and how they can improve.


Monday 24th September- Friday 28th September


This week in English, children wrote the beginning, middle and end part of the story 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird'. The children wowed us with their imaginations. They included lots of adjectives and similies in their work to describe the different animals the Ladybird met and we were very pleased. 


Monday 17th September 2018-Friday 21st September 2018


This week the children had a fantastic time describing the ladybird and the garden using a range of adjectives and similies! Children worked in small group to discuss vocabulary they could use and then independently wrote sentences. 

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Thursday 13th September 2018


To kick off the school year we have been discussing our school rules and class rules. We have been talking about what these rules mean, how we can show them and why they are important. Your wonderful children have had some fantastic ideas- please do ask them about this!


Children had a great time with the Animal Man!

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No Outsiders


As part of their no outsiders lesson, children read the story 'The Odd Egg'. This story helped children understand the importance of equality and treating everyone with respect. This nicely linked in with the The Equality Act 2010 as well as with the UNICEF Children's Rights and Responsibilities, especially Article 14, children have the right to think and believe what they want whatever their race, religion and abilities and Article 31, children have a right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities.

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Monday 10th September 2018- Friday 14th September 2018


The focus for this week has been place value. The children have been working super hard to demonstrate their understanding of this. They know the value of a digit and have been using dienes, numicon pieces, hundred grid and the part whole model approach to partition numbers. They have made fantastic progress and we are very pleased with the outcome!

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Monday 10th September 2018- Friday 14th September 2018


In English the children have enjoyed reading with expression and exploring our text for the next few weeks, ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’. 

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Our topic for this half term is Wriggle and Crawl which focuses on living things and their habitats. We have attached our curriculum map to show you what the children will learn this half term. We hope you find it useful.

We are so impressed with how well the children have settled into their new classes.  It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to get to know all of the children. We have enjoyed hearing about their summer holidays and their goals for Year 2. 

Pie Corbett's reading spine of recommended books for Year 2 children

The document below outlines some recommended books for children in Year 2. Along with the books are some useful approaches which you can use to support your child to develop fluency and inference skills. 

Welcome to our Year 2 page


There are three classes in Year 2: 2A, 2RA and 2S.


2A- Miss Akhtar is the class teacher and Mrs Iftikhar is the teaching assistant.

2RA- Miss Akhtar is the class teacher and Ms Broughton is the teaching assistant.

2S- Mrs Sultana is the class teacher and Mrs Evans is the teaching assistant.


We will regularly update this page with work and activities that have been completed in our classes and any information that needs to be shared with you.


The Year 2 team are looking forward to the year ahead!


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