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Spring Term 2019

(W/b 17th January – w/b 8th April 2019)

Exc Parents’ Evening Wed 6th and Thurs 7th Feb






Football Squad

Mr Wells

(Years 5-6)


(3.40– 4.30)


Standing Ovation Choir

Mr Daulphin

(Years 2-6)

Millenium Room

(3.30– 4.30)

(15.1.19) x11

Martial Arts

Years 4-6

Mrs Sweeney

Performance Hall

(3.30 – 4.30)

(23.1.19) x10

Martial Arts

Years 2-3

Mrs Sweeney

Performance Hall

(3.30– 4.30)

(24.1.19) x10

Relax Kids

Mrs Evans

(Years 1-4)

Millenium Room

(3.45– 4.30)



Mr Cartmell

(Years 1-3)

Performance Hall

(3.30– 4.30)

(22.1.19) x11


‘Mindful Movement’

Miss Sullivan

(Years 1-2)

Millenium Room

(3.30– 4.15)

(17.1.19 – 24.1.19) x11





Miss Harris

(Years 4-6)

(3.40– 4.30)



Spring Term 2019


Training is held every Monday 3.45pm - 4.45pm

The Boys football squad started training on Monday afternoons in September 2018. They have played 10 matches so far against other schools in their league. Monday afternoon training sessions and the league will restart in February after the winter break. The boys will be trying hard to bring about an improvement in their results, by turning some of their draws into wins, and will certainly be aiming to finish at least mid-table in the league. We have been really impressed with their effort and determination in all of their games so far. For all of the boys, this has been their first taste of competitive football and they are clearly enjoying the responsibility and the challenge of representing the school.


Mr Wells and Mrs McCann



Spring Term 2019


Choir is held every Tuesday 3.30pm - 4.30pm


We are the Standing Ovation Project, a creative arts and pastoral company that work with many schools in the UK. One of our most popular services is school choirs, and we run a weekly choir at Alston. The choir is all about boosting confidence and self-esteem, and we are happy to say Alston choir continues to grow and flourish in this aspect, even performing in public places! Alston choir have also featured in both of our concerts!


Mr Daulphin


Spring Term 2019


Tuesday (3.30pm - 4.30pm)

Mr Cartmell


Premier Sports are currently delivering a Gymnastics Club on a Tuesday night where the children will be working through their  British gymnastic proficiency levels.  All children start on Level 1 and work towards Level 8.


Spring Term 2019


Wednesday 3.30pm - 4.30pm (Years 4-6)

Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm (Years 2-3)


The club is run by Sensei Sharon Sweeney from the Yin Yang School of Martial Arts and she is assisted by Mrs Fiellateau.


Martial Arts club is where children come to learn physical and mental discipline and get stronger and fitter. As well as providing physical exercise through games and learning of martial arts skills, children are taught to believe in themselves, the art of control and self-mastery and ways to protect themselves and avoid conflict. 


There are 2 groups- years 2-3 and Years 4-6, all of the children love this club and the waiting list is HUGE!

The children earn medals and certificates for the different skills they pick up and a few children earn trophies for extra achievements. It is a lot of fun. 


Below are the children who attended the club during the Autumn term receiving their medals and certificates!


Spring Term 2019


Thursday (3.30pm - 4.15pm)


Mindful Movement is run by Miss Sullivan every Thursday and is exercise performed with awareness.  It involves mental focus, to train your body to move optimally through both athletic activities and everyday life.  It is exercise that makes you move smarter.




Spring Term 2019


Thursdays 3.40pm - 4.30pm


This club is run by Miss Harris every Thursday from 3.40pm and is open to boys and girls in years 4, 5 and 6.

This basketball club focuses on preparing pupils for basketball tournament throughout the year, focusing on developing tactics and basketball fundamentals. We have chosen a variety of pupils who are enjoying learning new basketball skills and learning how to develop tactics while improving their control, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility.

Most importantly they are learning how to work together as a team. no


Autumn Term 2018


Excitement is building within the Alston girls’ football team as their first set of fixtures draws nearer! Every Thursday afternoon the large and enthusiastic girls’ football squad trains under the expert guidance of Miss Harris and Miss Limalia (a student teacher in year 3). The teachers have been impressed with the determination of the girls to improve their skills and teamwork with every training session . The girls first games against other schools will be on Wednesday 6th December between 4-5pm at the Yardley Power League centre on Sedgemere Road . It would be great if any parents, relatives or friends were able to make their way to the Yardley Power League to cheer the girls on.