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End of term Eid arrangements

To All parents of Alston Primary School, Leigh Primary School and Wyndcliffe Primary School



Dear Parents,


I have had a number of concerns raised by parents and children with regards to the arrangements for the last day of term.


As many of you will be aware , tha last day of term, Friday 17th July could also be the Muslim celebration of Eid which many of our children, parents and staff will be celebrating.


There are many children who do not want to miss their last day of school with their friends and teachers, particularly those children in Year 6 who will be leaving their primary school to move onto their secondary school for September.


Therefore, the members of Leigh Trust have agreed that the final day for children will be on Thursday 16th July.


This will ensure that Muslim parents and children will not be worried about whether Eid is going to fall on Friday 17th July and whether the children should be celebrating Eid with their families or coming to school for the last day of term.


If there are any non-Muslim working parents who are having child-care issues and would like their children to attend school on Friday 17th arrangements can be made with individual schools through the school office.  However, non-Muslim children are not expected to attend.


Yours sincerely


Mrs J Davies


Chief Executive Officer


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