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The Masked Reader Day 4 - Cat

Who is Cat?

Did you get them right? You can find out who the Masked Readers were by reading "The Reading Rocket" Newsletter - 5th March 2021.

The Masked reader Day 3 - Tiger

Who is Tiger?

The Masked Reader Day 2

Who is Hamster?

The Masked Reader

Who's behind the books? Use the clues at the end of the story to see if you can work out who Books is. Check back tomorrow to listen to our next Masked Reader read a story.

The Masked Readers will all be revealed on Friday.

SATs revision booklet


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Carol Vorderman has kindly made access to her Maths School "The Maths Factor" free whilst the schools are shut to allow children to continue to improve their maths abilities.


Created by Carol in 2010, the Maths Factor aims to build both children and parents’ maths confidence through short video tutorials, interactive games and other resources.


The online tutoring programme, which forms a key part of Pearson’s suites of maths resources, is accessible to parents and carers on its official website - as well as to teachers through Active Learn Primary.


The service boasts that it provides children with the opportunity to advance nearly two and a half years in just one year by under four fifteen-minute sessions a week