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Year 4

Summer Fete - 13/07/17


What a fabulous Summer fete!  We had tombola, Wet the teacher, bouncy castle, bric and brac, hook a duck and candy floss, food and much more .  Hopefully we raised a lot of money for our school fund.

Ukulele Concert  10/07/17


Our last music lesson with the ukulele was a concert.  We performed for the whole of Year 4 and 5.  Songs included, 'What shall we do with a ukulele?' and 'Yellow Submarine'.  Some of us surprised ourselves and remembered all the chords.  We have had lots of fun playing the ukulele and will miss it next year.

Alston's 90th Birthday Celebration - 7/7/17


Today we celebrated Alston School's 90th birthday.  We had a fantastic day performing our 'Happy' song for all the special guests invited to our celebration.  Many classes performed throughout the day.  The whole school watched the performance as it was streamed live to each class. 

Online Safety Assembly - 3/7/17


Today, in assembly we learnt about online safety and how to keep ourselves safe while we are using computer devices. 

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PHSE - Pollution and the other environmental problems - 29/6/17


We started to look at the problems faced by having a growing pollution and use of energy in the world today.  We found out that as more advances are made, more pollution becomes a problem that we need to start tackling now before we ruin this planet that we live on.  We learnt about organisations that have already started to stop the destruction of the rainforests and others that have started to protect endangered species. 

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Eid Party - 27/6/17


Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends!  Eid or Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting that started on May 27 and finished on Saturday June 24. 


We celebrated Eid al Fitr by having Eid parties on Tuesday as most of us were off on Monday for Eid.  We had fun discussing how we had celebrated Eid with our family and friends  and playing fun games together.  We danced and played a new game called 'Wink Murder'. 

Grenfell Tower Fire - We Stand Together -19/06/17


Today we remembered the victims of the dreadful fire in London.  We wanted to help so decided to have a non-uniform day to raise money for the victims.  It was very sad seeing the images of the burning tower on TV and very scary.  However, seeing the positive responses of all the people from all over the country was very moving. This response showed us how our 'No Outsiders' fits into our society. 

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Shakespeare Day: A Midsummer's Night Dream- 13/06/17


Today we celebrated Shakespeare Day by learning a new play called A Midsummer's Night Dream.  We had fun trying to learn the names of the characters and even had a go at acting it out.  It is a comedy and was very funny in parts, especially the part where Nick Bottom's head changes to the head of a donkey and the fairy queen, Queen Titania, falls in love with him!  After we got to know the characters well, we wrote character descriptions of some of our favourite characters.  We all had a part to play and made a named hat to show which character we were.

World Against Child Labour Day - 12/06/17


In assembly today we learned about child labour and how many children, all over the world never get to enjoy their childhood because they must earn money for their families.  Most of these children end up working their whole life to pay off debts that never get paid and pass onto the next generation.  In England, children are allowed to work but only when they are 13 years old and only for a couple of hours a day.  In other countries, we learnt that most children work from 6am to 6pm and some are as young as 4!

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Trip to Canon Hill Park  - 12/06/17


We went on a trip to Canon Hill Park to learn about becoming better team members.  We had fun games, took a walk around the park and played in different play areas.  We helped each other have fun and achieve our goals by taking time to listen to each other and thinking as a team.  For example: When a few children were having problems jumping on to the zip wire seat, we pulled and held the seat down so it would be easier to sit on. 

PE : Fencing - 060617

Today we had our first lesson in Fencing as part of our PE curriculum.  It was so different to anything we have done before.  Some of us had a difficult time remembering where to put our feet as we 'lunged' forward.  We also learned the names of some of the equipment: the foil and the mask.  Take a look at the pictures to see how we did.


Be Fair and Be Kind - Birmingham Christian Mission Assembly - 060617

Our assembly this morning was all about how to be fair and kind.  We listened to a story which made us think about how we should be more critical of ourselves before we start picking faults with others.  Made us think about how to be more fair and be kind. 






Collective Worship : Ascension 23/05/17


We learnt about why Christians celebrate ascension day. Click on the presentation below to find out more!

Collective Worship : Baha'i Faith 19/5/17


We ended the week with our class assembly on the Baha'i Faith and diversity.  We were all little nervous remembering our words as it was streamed live to the whole school!  We found out that Baha'i is the most recent religion and has a theme of respecting differences of all people.

Diversity Day - 17/5/17


We had great fun on Wednesday celebrating the diversity in our school and our city.  We had a special workshop just for us in Year 4 on 'autism' with a great story about two squirrels who basically look the same but are very different. 

PHSE : Economic Well-being - What job can I do? - 16/5/17


We discussed which career path we would like to follow and discussed the types of skills needed for different jobs. 

Year 4- Blue Abyss- Under the Sea- 16/05/17

Year 4 have had great fun creating their under the sea boxes. One of the highlights was using real sand!

PHSE : Learning about money - 12/5/17


As part of our module on Economic Wellbeing, we discussed why money is important and how the old system of bartering did not always work well if you did not have something that the another person needed.  We played a bartering game where we pretended to have certain items that we could exchange.  However, it slowly turned into a very loud 'market place'!  Take a look at our pictures. 

Investigating area of objects - 11/05/17


In pairs, we investigated area of different shapes around the class room.  We were able to find the area by multiplying the length and width of the object.  Measuring was not so difficult, but the multiplying was!  However, some of us were good at multiplication using the grid method, and so able to help out.


Collective Worship- Vesak- A Buddhist Festival -9/5/17

We learnt about Buddhism in Collective Worship. Take a look at the PowerPoint to find out more.

English - Subordinate clauses -5/5/17


Today we learnt about a robot, who could only speak in sentence fragments call 'subordinate clauses'.  Needless to say, he did not make much sense.  We sorted out some sentences into main and subordinate clauses in pairs.  Take a look at some examples we came up with.

Speight of the Art Workshop - 4/5/17


What a treat today!  Year 4 made their very own 1 second animation with the help of artists from Speight of the Art today.  Rob, Karen, Richard, Lisa and Sarah showed us how to create 12 similar pictures with very small differences.  We then placed the comic strip into the zoetrope (invented in 1834), which was a drum with slits for viewing.  When the drum spins, we were able to see the cartoon 'moving'. 


Of course, we know it doesn't really move, but our eyes perceive it as moving.  These cartoons will shortly be digitised on to Youtube by the artists and then you will be able to see them too.  It was a lot fun and we can't wait to see ours on the big screen coming to a computer near you! 

Collective Worship- Labour Day- 02.05.17


We looked at why people go to work and what types of jobs the children would like to do when they grow up.

What job would you like to do when you are older?

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Sealife Centre Trip- 2/5/17


Year 4 went to the Sealife Centre today.  This was to enhance the topic we are studying this half-term called 'The Abyss'.  We had a great time looking at all different kinds of fish, otters and even experienced the 4D cinema with Octonauts who discovered some new species of fish in a remote part of the Amazon.  We loved it so much that even the chairs in the cinema shook with delight!  Take a look at our pics.


Celebration of Buddha's birthday - Hanamatsuri - 24th April, 2017


Every year Buddhists celebrate prince Siddartha's birthday by having a big celebration called Hanamatsuri, this

means Flower Festival. It is usually celebrated at the beginning of April.  In Japan, The streets are decorated with white lanterns that have black and red writing on them, and streamers made to look like cherry-blossoms. 


We made our own lanterns with cherry blossom.  Take a look!

Picture 1

Sustainable Future: Recycle and Re-use - 31/3/17


We had a visit from Emily and Phil from Birmingham City Council this morning.  They were here to show us why we should recycle and re-use if we want to save our planet from being covered in land-fill waste.  That is where the rubbish has to go if we throw into bins that are not recycled.  This rubbish then piles up, ruins the environment by producing gases that are really bad and ruins the ground by making it smelly!


We have been doing our part by switching off lights when we leave rooms, putting paper in the recycling bins and helping our parents sort out recycling at home.  What are you doing to recycle and save our planet?

Structure of Solids, Liquids and Gases 20.3.17


We had fun acting out the structure and behaviour of solids, liquids and gases as a group.  We know that solids have particles that mostly stay together and only vibrate; liquids particles are able to move around slowly and don't have any particular shape and gas particles move around the fastest, taking up the most room they possibly can.  Take a look at our pictures and see if you can guess which picture represents a solid, liquid or gas.

Emotions 15.3.17

Year 4 enjoyed their visit from the school nurse. We learnt lots about different emotions, the expressions we show on our faces when we feel different ways and how to deal with these emotions.
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Bubble, bubble toil and trouble!   13.3.17


Today we had fun having a lesson in the playground all about bubbles.  We tried to catch them, but they were too fast!  That is because bubbles have gas inside them.  The gas particles move rapidly.  The particles try to take up as much space as possible.   However, we did manage to catch some special magic bubbles which we touched long enough to see them deflate like a balloon.  Can you guess what they are made of?  Have a look at the pictures below.


Mathletics!  13/3/17

We were really excited to find out in Assembly this morning that we will be able to access Mathletics soon.  Not only will we be able to complete our Maths tasks/homework online, but also compete against others to be number 1 in the Maths league.  Depending on how confident you feel, you might want to compete against the computer, your own class or the whole world!  This is what the home screen looks like: 

Picture 1

Curriculum Information for Spring 2


World Book Day - 2/03/17


Thursday was World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite character from a book or comic and had a great day finding out about David Wiesner.  We have read a couple of his books, Tuesday and Flotsam, and wanted to find out what gave him the inspiration to create a wordless, picture book.  We also had fun with Chris White, poet and author, who showed us how easy it was to create a superhero story. 



Welcome to a day filled with Potions! -  1/03/17


We had a fantastic day this Wednesday when we received a message that potions had been delivered to school but had accidently been misplaced.  We had a great time trying to locate all the potions.  However, we realised the labels had been blown off and were all mixed up.  Here are some of the pictures that we took that day.  We also made a kind of plastic using milk and vinegar and had a great time watching clips of movies that had magical potions. 



Role Play : Investigative Interviews 8/2/17


We role played an interview that might have taken place at the end of Tuesday by David Wiesner.  In the story, the town's people woke up and were really confused about the lily pads that were found scattered all over the place.  Take a look at some of the videos of our interviews. 

Investigative interviews

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Investigative interviews

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Visit coming up soon to Shakespeare's family homes

Soon the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 will be visiting Shakespeare's birthplace, discovering 'behind the scenes' Here is a sneak preview of their up and coming adventures.  Uncover the stories behind the world's greatest storyteller in Stratford-upon-Avon.   Explore Shakespeare's family homes, farm and gardens and discover the ways that he continues to influence our everyday lives four centuries on using the link below. 

RE : The Sikh Amrit Ceremony - 2/2/17


At the moment we are looking at the Disposition of Community- Cultivating inclusion, identity and belonging.  We have been particularly thinking about belonging and how we show it. As part of this we looked at the Sikh Amrit ceremony.  This involves taking part in special prayers and taking Amrit (sugar water) to show  commitment to the Sikh faith.  Take a look at the link below to find out more.


PHSE - Stereotypes 1/2/17


In our PHSE lesson this week, we read the book, Amazing Grace.  We discussed how Grace was told that she couldn't play the role of Peter Pan in a play, because she was a girl and her skin was the wrong colour.   We concluded that we are luckier than Grace because we have many opportunities that are not limited by our gender, our race or our religion.  We know there are  NO OUTSIDERS in Alston School.



Picture 1

Tuesday by David Wiesner 1/2/17


In English on Wednesday,  we started Tuesday by David Wiesner, a book with wonderful pictures but very few words.   We had to infer what was happening in the pictures which included flying toads.  On Thursday, we used the book to retell the story verbally.  Have a listen to the examples below.

Tuesday by David Wiesner

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No Outsiders Assembly


In the upper key stage 2 'No Outsiders' assembly we learnt about some key ideas from the 2010 equality act:

  • tolerance
  • acceptance 
  • respect

Can you explain what is going on in the photo below?

How does this link to no outsiders?

Picture 1

Bottoms, Burps and Bile


Year 4 acted out the digestive system. Can you guess which picture shows which part of the system?

Fire Service Visit 18/01/17

The fire service came to school to tell us about how to reduce fires and what to do if we discover a fire. They told us how to make an emergency call and what to say. We saw a video to show how quickly fire spreads and we learnt about planning escape routes at home.

School Nurse 18/01/17

Today the school nurse came and talked to us about the importance of staying clean, including washing regularly and wearing clean socks and pants every day.

Year 4 Currciulm Map - Spring 1, 2017


Please take a peek at the Year 4 topics covered this half term.

Maths Day - 05/01/17


On Maths Day we did lots of practical maths activities including making shapes from nets, investigating the relationship between head size and height, drawing treasure maps with instructions on how to find the treasure and making our own metre measures. We also had a Year 4 mental maths tournament. We enjoyed our Maths Day!



Random Acts of Kindness 05/01/17


On Monday, Mrs Nott gave the whole school a New Year's Resolution: to be kinder than is necessary.  She has 100 special badges to give to children who are seen to be kinder than necessary.  We are very proud that the very first 2 badges in the whole school have gone to children in Year 4!   Well done, Ayaan in 4N and Owais in 4H!


Picture 1

Christmas ukulele and choir concert 14/12/16

Year 4S had a great time performing to parents and the remainder of Year 4, showing off their ukulele skills that they started in September.  With the help of the Year 5 choir , it became a Xmas extravaganza!  Take a look at the pictures.  Sorry you can't hear just had to be there!

The Birmingham Royal Ballet Workshop - 1/12/16

We had an exciting day today learning all about 'the Nutcracker'.  It is a ballet usually performed at Christmas time.  We made up our own dance sequence for the fight scene and learned lots of exciting moves.  Take a look at our pictures and see for yourself. 

Thanksgiving Assembly by Year 4N - 25/11/16


We had a fantastic time sharing information on Thanksgiving which is celebrated in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November, which was yesterday.  We learnt and enjoyed performing in front of our parents and Year 3.  Take a look at our pictures, can you spot any budding actors or actresses?

Inspire Reading Workshop 23/11/16
Today we invited a few parents to a Reading Workshop.  It was really informative and the parents had fun reading with their children. Have a look at the pictures.  Can you spot any books you would like to read?

Bright Day - 11/11/16

Today we celebrated Bright Day by coming in very bright clothes so that we could be seen on these dark Winter nights.  Who do you think was the brightest of them all??

Black History Day


Take a look at the amazing speeches that we gave about racism, discrimination and bullying.

International Day of Languages


In year 4 we speak lots of different languages, for example:

  • Farhaan (4N) speaks Urdu and Punjabi
  • Kamil (4N) speaks French
  • Ayaan (4N) speaks Spanish
  • Ruqayyah (4N) speaks Pashto


Please watch Dawud and Mrs. Iftikhar speaking Urdu:

Can you work out what they are saying?

Still image for this video

Year 4 Parents' Meeting 080916


Today it was great to see Year 4 parents at a meeting to inform them of their children's timetable for PE lessons; times for dismissal and homework. 



Safety Day 080916


Today we learnt how to keep ourselves safe: when crossing the road; when involved in a fire and online when we use the computer.

Greek Activity Day 070916


Today we immersed ourselves in Ancient Greek Activities.  We tasted Greek food such as hummus, olives and Greek yogurt; learnt the Greek alphabet; had a go at drawing Greek patterns; tried some of the games in the Olympics; dressed each other in togas and learnt about life in Ancient Greece. 

Greek Activity Day

Welcome to year 4


Please take a look at the exciting things that we will be learning this year!