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Dhol Performance


What a breath-taking performance! Our Year 4 Dhol team performed fantastically and made their parents and Mr Singh proud.

Safari Park


We had a fantastic day, enjoying the sun and observing the animals on the fields.  We had the opportunity to attend a workshop and watch a Sea Lion show.

Year 4 Charity Art Event



We enjoyed and had a fantastic time painting canvasses to sell and raise money for our charity 'Speight of the Art' and we had a guest visitor Oliver Speight.  Thank you to the parents who attended the event.


Eid Mubarak


We all came to school dressed in our Eid outfit and enjoyed our party.

Empty Classroom Day - 24.06.16


We undertook our science lesson outside this week.  We were listening to what sounds we could hear? How far we could hear? What happens when we move away from the source of sound?

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A Special Assembly - 20.06.16


This morning we had a special assembly which reminded us to always have courage and confidence and do our very best.

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The BIG First Aid Lesson Live - 17.06.16

Today KS2 had the opportunity to watch first aid live from the comfort of their classroom.  We learned the first aid skills to treat seizures, insect stings and chocking.


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Sparks - Fire Safety - 16.06.16


Today Year 4 had visitors from Ward End Fire Services.  The children listen attentively and learnt how to keep themselves and others safe.


Euro 2016


Today we celebrated the start of the Euro Cup 2016 by coming into school in our football team kit or the colours of the country we are supporting.  We also had the opportunity to do penalty shootouts which was fantastic.  The winners for the boys were Abbas 4H and for the girls were Zara 4D.  Well done


Welcome back.

We have a busy half term coming.

Singer's Hill Synagogue Visit - 26/5/16


We went to visit the Singer's Hill Synagogue to learn more about Judaism.  We had a fantastic time learning interesting facts and one person even got to dress up in a traditional praying costume!  Please check out our pictures below. 

Design Technology - Sandwiches - 24/5/16


Finally, we made our delicious sandwiches to show all the new skills we learnt in DT.  Take a look at them, they will make your mouth water!

Diversity Day - 16/05/16

Today we celebrated diversity by having a day full of fun activities that really make you think!  We looked at thedifficulties partially sighted people go through to get around and do normal things, like pour a cup of hot tea!  We also enjoyed taking the challenge of different games in the Millennium Room.  We took part in learning Makaton; tried to colour while looking in the mirror, played basketball on our knees, tried to open a jar containing a sweet using only one hand in a glove and many others.  We now understand (a little) of how difficult some people mind find it to do ordinary, everyday activities. 

In the afternoon, we read a story by Oliver Jeffers called 'The Way Back Home' and drew a cartoon strip to show instructions to fix a broken plane.  It was difficult trying not to use any words except the title! 


UNICEF - Change Day: 13/5/16


Today we started with an informative assembly by Year 6, where we learned about refugees and the dangers facing them as they make their way to safety.  We also came to school with no uniform (Yeah!)  to raise money for a worthy cause.  We also learned about Aya and the problems facing refugees as they stay in the camps awaiting documentation to enter other countries legally.  It was sad.

Assembly- Lailat Al Miraj - 6/5/16

On Friday we had our class assembly.  We discussed the story of Lailat al Miraj which commemorates the Prophet Muhammad’s night-time journey from Mecca to the ‘Farthest Mosque’ in Jerusalem where he ascended to heaven, was purified, and given the instruction for Muslims to pray five times daily.  We also shared the Five Pillars of Islam and using our prayer mats showed how we pray daily. 
Design Technology - Sandwiches - 6/5/16

In DT we are going to make sandwiches, learning skills such as cutting, grating and how to prepare different kinds of bread.  We even got to sample a few!  Mmmm, not bad.

Celebrating the Queen's Birthday
We celebrated the Queen's birthday by having a carousel of activities related to the Royal family.  Take a look at what we did...  We completed a family tree, a time-line for the Queen's life and cone puppets of the Royal family.  We learnt a lot and had fun.

Ancient Greece

Year 4 have been studying Ancient Greece as part of our Humanities topic. We have looked at life in Ancient Greece, studied democracy, found out about the Olympics and researched Greek myths.

Remember to complete your exciting Homework project each week too!


Look below to see some of our photos from a 'Now Press Play' session all about the Ancient Greeks.

We acted out saving Athens from Sparta!

16th March 2016

Creating web pages!

In our ICT lessons we have been looking at what makes a good website and found out how not to do it by looking at the 'Worst website in the World'. Have a look at it here :

We are now starting to design our own webpages about e-safety. Watch this space for when they go live!

World Book Day

On Friday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as characters from 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe.' Can you spot the white witch, Aslan and the professor?

 Children had a wonderful time writing creative stories and perfecting their designs for a token and a book bench.

Some children even had the opportunity to meet and work with the famous author Chris White. They were truly inspired!

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The Water Cycle

In science year 4 have been learning all about the Water Cycle. We enjoyed designing art work about the Water Cycle and even acted it out!

We have been learning new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation, transpiration and collection.

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The Promise  by Nicola Davies

Year 4 have been reading 'The Promise' as part of their Literacy lessons.

We enjoyed acting out the story and discussing how we could improve our          environment.

Free verse poems inspired by The Promise.

Free verse poems inspired by The Promise. 1
Free verse poems inspired by The Promise. 2
Free verse poems inspired by The Promise. 3