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Year 2

27.6.17-Eid Parties

Year 2 enjoyed their parties with lots of games such as pass the parcel. We all looked lovely in our Eid clothes.

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Year 2 marbling-15.6.17

Year 2 had a fantastic morning marbling.

Romeo and Juliet Play

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2S Studied the play Romeo and Juliet. They then developed a play based on the story.


Children did food tasting for be healthy week. They tasted a range of fruit and vegetables and expressed their opinion and preference.

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Nurse Visit 14.6.17

Year 2 had a visit from the nurse to discuss how to be healthy.

9.6.17 Year 2 Engage-Muck, mess and mixtures

Children experience different mixtures using their senses except taste. The children discussed the textures using descriptive vocabulary e.g. malleable, bendy, solid etc.

6.6.17 Collective Worship

Children learnt about being fair and kindness through a story from the Bible. They were encouraged to think about their own behaviour, thoughts and actions. 👍

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Year 2 after SATs party

Year 2 had a lovely day dressing up, dancing to music and having party food.


PHSE 23.5.17


Children learnt about needs and wants in PHSE. They also learnt about the importance of money.


The Tortoise and the Hare-Collective worship

Children discussed the story and the moral of the story-keep trying, even when things seem hard.


Engage-Street detectives

Year 2 went for a walk around the local area and carried out a traffic survey. This was for their new cornerstone topic-street detectives.

Summer 1-Home project

Home projects by Year 2. This was to start the new ILP project-Street Detectives!


PHSE-I know the difference between a need and want


Children learnt about the difference between a need and want. A need is something that is necessary for survival ( such as food and shelter), Whereas a want is imply something that a person would like to have.


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30.3.17-Lavender Bags

Year 2 followed instructions and made Lavender bags to take home. Well done!


Red Nose Day and Mother's celebration

Children celebrated Red Nose Day, by wearing red clothes, made cards and keying's to give to their fabulous mums.

Spring 2 Currculum map-Scented Garden

World Book Day 02.3.17


Alston school celebrated world book day. Can you guess the characters? Chris White the famous poet joined us on this special day.😀

Year 2 Garden Project-27.2.17


Year 2 created gardens using recycled materials. Well done for being so creative!smiley

Spring holiday Scented Garden competition

16.2.17 Express stage of Land Ahoy

Children presented all the information they had learnt about pirates. It was great fun!

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10.2.17 Class Assembly

Children did a assembly on Chinese New Year!. They were all great!

Assembly by City Mission

Children learnt about forgiveness and telling the truth. 😇

No outsiders assembly

Water safety

Year 2 learnt about water safety and RNLI and their role in keeping people safe.

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Pirate Dance


Year 2 learnt a pirate dance. Parents you can learn the dance aswell. The link is below-

Have fun !

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 Year 2 Pirate Day!

Year 2 had Pirates Day. All the kids had a fabulous day. They dressed up as Pirates and made swords to plunder and rob. Thank you to all parents who helped their child dress up.

Curriculum Information - Spring Term.


Please take a look at the attached document below to find out what we will be learning about during this term in our topic based on ‘LAND AHOY!’

Pirate ships


Children made pirate ships in pairs to help them engage with their new topic-Pirates! 

Maths Day!

Maths day challenge. Make a treasure chest using a shape net. We had fun making our treasure chest. Why don't you have a go?

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Year 2 Parties and Pantomime

Panto was at Alston! Year 2 watched the pantomime. Also they had Christmas parties and played lots of games. The Year 2 staff wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy new year.



Year 2 Puppets


Year 2 made puppets for design and technology. They linked it with their topic, animal mayhem. Can you guess what animals we made?

Christmas Jumpers

Year 2 look fabulous in their jumpers.

Parent workshop 2.12.16

Thank you to all the parents that came and read with our children. It was a great success. Please find attached PowerPoint about the workshop.



Year 2 Staff

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The school nurse came and spoke to the children about oral health. Remember to brush twice a day and for 2 minutes !


Friday 18th November 2016

Children celebrated by wearing spots, having a bake sale and making Pudsey Bear. Well done Year 2!

Friday 11th November 2016


Bright day!

Children wore their bright clothes to raise money for a road charity. The charity is called Brake  and more detail can be found on



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Wednesday 9th November 2016

Botanical Gardens

Year 2 visited the Botanical Gardens. They had a magical day!

Tuesday 8th November 2016


Friendship Day

Year 2 learnt about their UNICEF rights and how to be good friends. They discussed how to be good friends and how that made them feel. They made bracelets and necklaces for their friends. They also made a class charter which is on display in year 2. They also discussed that at Alston we have no outsiders.smiley

Health Caravan

Tuesday 1st November 2016

Children discussed different feelings and learnt about body parts. They also helped Harold the giraffe and his friends to solve a problem.

Great Fire of London Art pictures

Black History Month UNICEF Speech 17.10.16

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Sue Fearon-Special assembly on being generous and harvest 10.10.16

Year 2-looked at uses of everyday materials and took rubbings of different surfaces

2b Safah made a rocket from her reading book

2b Safah made a rocket from her reading book 1

2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16

2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 1
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 2
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 3
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 4
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 5
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 6
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 7
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 8
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 9
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 10
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 11
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 12
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 13
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 14
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 15
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 16
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 17
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 18
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 19
2S UNICEF assembly 30.9.16 20

Nurse visit 28.9.16 -Handwashing

20.9.16 Moneysense workshop

Thank you to NatWest and our lovely volunteers that helped in our moneysense workshop. The children learnt about how we use money. It was a great afternoon!

Moneysense workshop 20.9.16

E-Safety for parents

Eid Party

Eid Party 1
Eid Party 2
Eid Party 3
Eid Party 4
Eid Party 5
Eid Party 6
Eid Party 7
Eid Party 8
Eid Party 9
Eid Party 10
Eid Party 11

Year 2 Welcome meeting

Autumn Curriculum Information