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Governors' Awards in Year 5- 9/07/18


We had a great turnout for the Governors' Awards to celebrate the children's success throughout the year.  See the list of children who received an award below:


In 5S:

Daniela - Head Teacher's Award

Awais - Maths Award

Areefa - Making Good Progress Award

Maryam - Technology Award

Adyan - PE Award

Rayhaan - English Award

Hiba - School Council Award

Liaba - Creative Curriculum Award


In 5A:

Amatul - Head Teacher's Award

Ibrahim- Maths Award

Diiriye- Making Good Progress Award

Salman - Technology Award

Nusaiba - PE Award

Nilufer- English Award

Aleema - School Council Award

Aisha - Creative Curriculum Award


In 5F:

Misbah- Head Teacher's Award

 Abdul - Maths Award

 Farhaan- Making Good Progress Award

Nile - Technology Award

Andrei - PE Award

Sulliman- English Award

Arooj - School Council Award

Huzaifah - Creative Curriculum Award


Well done everyone!


Sports Afternoon - 5/07/18


We had a fun afternoon of sports competing against our own year group.  We had fun: throwing a welly the furthest; sack race; egg and spoon, obstacle race and some others. 

Cornerstones - Comparison of theme parks - 4/07/18


We compared theme parks in different countries to find out lots of facts about each and then presented our findings to the class.   We compared many different aspects including: park layout, size, visitor capacity, cost, transport links, physical terrain and location. 


Maths - Measures - 3/07/18



In maths we have been solving problems with measures.  This week we are focussing on weight being measured in kilograms and grams.

Cornerstones Contraptions - 3/07/18


We tried to make our own contraptions using, pulleys, gears and levers.  It was much harder to make the

model than doing the plan of the contraption.  Pulleys, gears and levers are used to make it easier to lift or carry heavy loads. 

Biodiversity Assembly - Green Team - 25/06/18


Today we heard from Debbie from Birmingham City Trees for Life about how important it is to make space for wildlife in our gardens and other spaces like our school. 

Cornerstones - Making suitable carriages for theme park using 3D nets - 20/06/18



We had lots of fun making carriages using 3D nets to create shapes which would be suitable for rides at a theme park.  We thought carefully about which 3D shapes would be sturdy, safe and easy for people to get in and out of.

Health Day as part of Healthy Week - 13/06/18


Today we did a lot of work on staying fit and healthy, not just physically but also mentally.  We did listening activities in the class room and meditation to keep our minds fit.  We also did work on cyber bullying to make ourselves aware that some children can be effected by it.  Then we went into the Arena outside to walk or jog a mile.  

Cornerstones - Creating flipbooks - 12/06/18


We enjoyed creating our facial expressions on a roller coaster to make a flip book.  Take a look...

Unicef Assembly - World Day Against Child Labour - 11/06/18


We found out that worldwide, there are over 246 million children age 5–17 who have to work. Not just doing a part time job like babysitting, working in a shop, or a paper round, but work that would be hard even for an adult to do.  It was very difficult to hear that children our age don't go to school. 


Picture 1

Cornerstones - Buoyancy Experiment - 7/06/18


We had a lot of fun planning, designing and making log flumes that would float in the water and not let people get too wet.   We used many different materials: roofing felt (waterproof), cardboard (floats), plastic bottle, tin foil and cloth to decide on the best one for the ride. 

English - GPS - 6/06/18


We all took part in a  quiz about root words, prefixes and suffixes.

Walk to school - Travel - 6/06/18


We have been trying really hard to be a little more healthy every day by walking to school - some of us have done really well and achieved our Travel Tracker badges!

Cornerstones -Scream Machine -Engage: Making Marble Runs - 4/06/18


We had a lot of fun making Marble run contraptions on our first day back for the Engage Day of our new topic - Scream Machine!

Maths - Making 3D Shapes - 4/06/18


We had fun making real life 3D shapes from nets. 

No Outsiders Assembly - 4/06/18


Today in assembly we learnt about Ian who is patriotic and enjoys having two flags outside of this house.  One is the Union Jack and the other is St George's Cross.  Ian said that sometimes flags give the wrong impression and some people might think, he doesn't like people who are different. 


But we discovered how he became friends with a Muslim in his neighbourhood when a mosque was being planned even though originally he was against the idea. 



Picture 1

Welcome back - Summer 2 - 4/06/18


Welcome back to the last half term of the year!  Take a look at all the interesting topics we are going to be covering. 

Cornerstones - Express Day for Stargazers - 25/05/18


In Year 5, we shared the helmets we made, the rockets we created and the space monsters we designed.  We shared some wonderful facts that we had learnt in this topic about Space and the Solar System.  Then we went into the playground for some explosive fun!  We enjoyed a fun experiment using paracetamol and water.  It was a blast!

Cornerstones Innovate Day - Stargazers - 24/05/18


Year 5 created rockets as part of their topic for Innovate Day.   Year 1s came to do their ‘Express presentation’ to 5S.

It was very inspiring to see some of their work - lovely.

Diversity Day - 23/05/18


We tried lots of different activities to get an idea of how people would cope with a disability or a mental health issue.  We sampled food with strange colours to test if we felt differently about it; we played games with only one hand and not the one we normally used and discussed how we felt about Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream".


Also as part of Diversity Day, we took part in ‘Relax kids’ by Mrs Evans.  It was all about fun games, massage, stretching, deep breathing, relaxing and meditating.  We felt so calm and relaxed at the end of the session!

PHSE - Unicef Lesson - 21/5/18


Today we discussed the Rights of the Child.  We had a list of statements and we had to decide whether each one was a Right under the existing laws.  It created quite a lively discussion!

CW - Online Safety Assembly - 21/5/18


We re-capped on how to stay safe while using internet technology including being SMART, which stands for:

S = Staying safe and not giving out your password.

M = Meeting people online, which you should never do.

A = Accepting emails or attachments from people you don't know -They might contain viruses.

R = Reliable - Someone online might not be who they say they are.

T = Tell an adult if you see or hear something that makes you uncomfortable online.

Music - Composer of the Month - 21/5/18


Our composer of the month is John Williams who composed music for films such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Harry Potter and many more.   

The Royal Wedding - 21/05/18


We had a great time celebrating the Royal Wedding (a day earlier) by having a street party in the playground. 

Art - 18/05/18


We enjoyed having Benny the artist in our class today. We used clay to make a bowl and created patterns in it. Then we made plaster and poured it into our clay moulds to create plaster casts. It was great fun! 


Hopefully our plaster casts will be on display in the Birmingham museum and art gallery. The exhibition is called ‘Everyday objects’, visit it if you can as it is open until September!

Maths - Craters Experiment- 16/05/18


We had a lot of fun (and made a big mess!) carrying out experiment to check the size of the craters made by meteors smashing into a planet.  Take a look!

PHSE - Economic Well being - 14/05/18


We read a story about a child who constantly wanted things that she didn't always need.

Collective Worship : Ramadan Assembly - 14/05/18


In assembly today, we discussed the importance of Ramadan to Muslims during this Holy Month. 


We learnt about duty of Muslims to follow the five Pillars.  During Ramadan Muslims must abstain from many different things during daylight hours.  This is a way of remembering those that are less fortunate and the strength that comes from God to help us get through difficult times.

Picture 1

Maths - Rotation - 11/05/18


We had fun working in pairs to do a practical session on rotation.  We cut out shapes and rotated them 90 degrees each time.

Cornerstones - Phases of the Moon - 11/05/18


We used Ipads to research the phases of the moon so that we could present our facts to the class.  We will use this information to write an explanation text next week.

Collective Worship - Christian Aid - 11/05/18


The children thought about how Christian Aid help people around the world. We thought about how lucky we are and thought of ways to help other people.

Cornerstones - Journey to Mars : Now Press Play 9/5/18


We had an amazing imaginary journey to Mars.  Take a look at how we got there!

UNICEF: Artwork - Wedding Banner-8/05/18


We have been really excited to have Benny Semp, an artist, working with us on creating a wedding banner for the Royal Wedding coming up soon.  We all created our own pieces that will be assembled together by Benny.  We can't wait to see what the final banner looks like!  Come back and you can have look too!



GPS - Spelling Game- 5/5/18


We have been revising and learning our Spellings in lots of different ways.  Some are more fun than others!  

CW - May Day - 4/05/18


We learnt about May Day celebrations in the UK which is on 1st May.   It is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and a traditional spring holiday in many cultures.  Dances, singing, and cakes are usually part of the festivities.

PE - Cornerstones 4/05/18


We had lots of fun pretending we were on different planets around the universe and the impact that gravity would have on our movements.  

Cornerstones - Fruit Solar System - 2/05/18


We made a model of the solar system using fruit to represent the different sizes.

PHSE - Economic Wellbeing -1/05/18


We discussed money and where it comes from, basic budgeting skills, spending and saving, value for money, difference between a need and a want.  It was very interesting to think that without money, life could be very difficult.

Cornerstones - Night and Day - 30/04/18


Today we learnt why night always follows day continuously.  We explained using a torch and a globe. 

International Day of Dance - 30/04/18


Yesterday, 29/04/18, was International Day of Dance but that was a Sunday.  So we are celebrating it today with many Dance Workshops. 


We started the day of really energetically in our Assembly with a quick dance.  We learnt about many different kinds of dance and how it has an important part in making us physically and mentally fit.  We focussed on hip-hop/street styles today.  Take a look at our moves!

RE - Choice - 26/04/18


We discussed awareness of the life of Jesus as a behavioural model for the life of Christians.  In particular, we looked at why Jesus didn't defend himself before Pontius Pilate when he was accused of the crimes that lead to his crucifixion.

Cornerstones -Develop - 26/04/18


We learnt about and made images of our solar system and our sun as part of our topic.  We researched and presented our work to the whole class. 


Some of us worked really hard during the holidays and made a model of the solar system.  Take a look at our pictures.



PSHE - Unicef - 25/04/18


We discussed Children's Rights and in particular Article 27 and the Standard of Living.  We created posters to depict the Article and the issues surrounding it.  Take a look at the Articles in detail below.

Collective Worship - 25/04/18


We learnt about St George's Day which is celebrated by Christians on 23rd April.  St George's Day used to be a national holiday in England. It is now an observance that is celebrated with parades, dancing and other activities.



RE - Choice - 19/04/18


Today we discussed how to raise awareness of our ‘natural tendency’ to protect/defend ourselves, save ourselves, justify ourselves especially if we were accused of something that we didn't do or say. 

Stargazers - Engage Day - 18/04/18


For our new topic, Stargazers, we had some really fun activities for the day including Art work, English and Maths.  We learned about Vincent Van Gogh and tried to paint in his style and made papier-mache space helmets.  It was so much fun! Take a look at our pictures!

PHSE - No Outsiders - 18/04/18


We discussed a story about gender stereotypes called "And Tango Makes Three". 



Collective Worship - 17/04/18


We discussed the importance of Vaisakhi within the Sikh religion.  In 1699 the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh, chose Vaisakhi as the occasion to transform the Sikhs into a family of soldier saints, known as the Khalsa Panth.

Curriculum Letter for Year 5 - 16/4/18


Please check out our topic for this half-term - Stargazers. 

Welcome Back to the Summer Term!


Welcome back to school!

We have loads of fun activities going on in this last term so please keep checking this page. 


Ms Fiellateau, Mrs Sharma, Mr Ahmed and Mrs Saini