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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to school! We have loads of fun activities for your children this half term so please keep checking this page!


Mr Plant, Miss Suwa and Mrs Hussain 

Curriculum Letter


Please find your child's curriculum letter below. Download the PDF file to view it on your computer, tablet or phone.


The Sea Life Centre

Thursday 19th April


To launch our new topic, the children visited The Sea Life Centre in Birmingham City Centre. Whilst there, the children saw a variety of different sea animals. They also learnt about how people are trying to look after the animals so that they are still around for years to come!

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Monday 23rd April


In PSHE, Year 4 are learning about money. So far, we have learnt how people earn money, how to save money and why money is important.

This week, we have learnt about different jobs that people can do when they are older. Can you name their jobs from the pictures?

Picture 1

Collective Worship

Tuesday 24th April



In Collective Worship, we thought about our responsibilities. We also considered how lucky we are to live in a country that has enough food for everybody. We are thankful that we have enough food and know that it is our responsibility not to waste any food.

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Tuesday 24th April


Year 4 are learning to play handball in PE! We are all really enjoying it. So far, we have learnt about passing, finding space and marking an opponent.

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