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Working together to solve a problem 28.06.18

Reading with our families in class - 27.06.18

Mummy Alien came to visit us in Reception!

Mummy Alien came to visit us in Reception! 1

We can use a cherry diagram to find different ways to make our number.

We can use a cherry diagram to find different ways to make our number. 1

Communicating with aliens using different forms of technology- 25.06.18

World Cup Day

Friday 22nd June 2018


The children in Reception have been learning about the World Cup.

We enjoyed practising football skills like The England Football Team.

World Cup Football- 22.08.18

Can you put the objects in order from heaviest to lightest? - 21.06.18

The aliens have hatched! - 15.06.18

How could we send a message to the aliens?14.06.18

Parent UtW and EAD Workshop-14.06.18

Finding out about Space

Finding out about Space 1

Parent Curriculum Map -Summer 2

Let the celebrations begin!

Friday 18th May 

( RE, BV, Pshe)


Reception loved getting ready for the Royal wedding! 

We made cards and just look at our crowns.

we ate our picnic in the sunshine, are delicious cake

and enjoyed lots of dancing!

What do you like to do at a wedding?


A Royal occasion 18.05.18

Sharing our favourite books 17.05.18

Food for thought.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

(Pshe, BV)


In Reception we have been thinking about

where our food comes from.

We think it is important to care

about animals and plants.

We think healthy food is delicious!

What do you enjoy cooking?

Cooking our own snack 16.05.18

We are super problem solvers 15.05.18

It is good to be friends.

Friday 11th May 2018


We have been thinking about ways to be great friends.

We think our friends are special.

We love to play and learn together.

Just look at the beautiful picture on this special 'Friendship Card'.

We are great reading buddies too.

Just look at all the books we are sharing.

What is your favourite book?


Buddies 11.05.18

Prayers from the heart.

Thursday 10th May 2018


The children in Reception have been thinking about how people pray.

We can pray in different ways.

Some of us pray at home.

Some of us pray at the mosque or in a church.

We chose to close our eyes

and ask for lots of lovely things

for all the children in the world who are sad.

We would like them to have families and friends to love and care for them.

What would you like to pray for?


Praying for a better world- 10.05.18

Praying for a better world- 10.05.18 1

Can you see the whole picture?

Wednesday 09.05.18


We found out that our eggs can be cut or split into two parts.

We cut the banana into three parts.

We found out that parts can be different sizes.

Please help your child cut some fruit into lots of parts for their snack.

How many parts? 09.05.18

Lots of fun and lots of yum!

Tuesday 8th May 2018


Today we made one of our favourite foods!

We washed our hands and took turns to chop, slice, spread and sprinkle.

It looked delicious and it didn't take long to bake in the oven.

We though it was 'the best pizza ever!'

What toppings do you like on your pizza?





Let's make pizza! 09.05.18

Magic in our fingers.

Tuesday 8th May 2018


We have enjoyed using technology

to help us with our writing today.

We practised letter formation.

We can write very neatly now.

Writing wizards 08.05.18

We are thinkers!

Friday 4th May 2018


We have been thinking about the things our families are good at.

We think it is more interesting because different families enjoy different things.

We can learn from each other.

In our book about a fussy eater,

Harry's Mum learns how to solve his fussy eating when his cousin comes to stay with them.

Maybe you can share some interesting ways

to help fussy eaters choose healthy food.

Farmer Lucy and Albie visit Reception!

Wednesday 2nd May 2018


Today Farmer Lucy chatted to the children in Reception about all the exciting things she did growing up on a farm.

We found out that sheep eat hay and straw is spread on the shed floor.

We saw a picture of a big red tractor on the farm.

Where did you grow up?

Was your childhood different to your child's childhood?

Do you have any memories you could share with your child?

Reading Heroes!

Thursday 3rd May 2018


We are so lucky to be able to share some

amazing stories and information books

with our families each week.

Thank you Reception families

for joining us for our reading mornings.


Where does your food shopping come from?

Tuesday 1st May 2018


Today's learning was quite a puzzle.

We have been thinking about where our food comes from.

What is your favourite food?

Does it come from an animal or a plant?

Some of our favourite meals come from plants and animals.

Please chat about the food you buy when you are shopping for your groceries.

Is it fair?

Monday 30th April 2018


We are super duper mathematicians!

We have been exploring how to halve things.

Did you know that you can share one slice of bread between two people?

We have been making yummy sandwiches and sharing with our friend.

We can check the pieces are equal and fair.


Numicon is fun!

Monday 30th April 2018


Just look at all these colourful pieces of Numicon.

We can count and order them correctly!

Farmyard Hullabaloo 

Friday 27th April 2018


We thought about the different animals

that live on a farm.

Then we moved like our favourite animal.

We can crawl, slither and canter.

Moving like farmyard animals 27.04.18

Writing Workshop

Thursday 26th April 2018


What an exciting day! We have had a wonderful time sharing fun writing ideas with our Reception families.

Magical Music

Wednesday 25th April 2018

We have had a wonderful time working together

to chant and sing with Jabez.

Singing in harmony 25.04.18

Honesty is the best policy.

Tuesday 24th April 2018


We have been thinking about the importance of telling the truth.

In our story the boy suffers a terrible fate because of his lies.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by B. G. Hennessy (Author)

Age Range: 3 - 8 years. The moral of the story is that liars are not believed even when they speak the truth. A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers several times by crying out, "Wolf! Wolf!"

‘How does your garden grow?’

Tuesday 24th April 2018


We have been thinking about our environment this week.

We are happy to see flowers blossoming in our ‘Growing Area’.

Green Fingers 24.04.18