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After discovering pebbles on the beach, the nursery children decided to make some pebble art! First we painted blue wash over our cardboard pieces to make the sea. once that we dry, spread glue in shape of pictures, then carefully placed pebbles on the glue to make our fantastic pebble art! Check out our seaside pictures!







Creeping Crabs 18.6.18



EID MUBARAK to all our families who celebrated Eid-Ul-Fitr, we hope you enjoyed your long weekend with your little ones!


After our visit to the seaside , we've been looking closely at some sea creatures. We focussed on crabs; the nursery children crept and crawled sideways to show us how crabs move and used their 'pincers' to show us how crabs eat.


Also this week, we have been learning about different occupations. We looked at how doctors , nurses, policemen, firemen, builders and refuse collectors help us in our lives and why their jobs are so important.


On Friday 22nd June, we celebrated World Cup Day. The children wore t-shirts of the football team they're supporting and took part in football matches with their friends.









'How many pebbles on the beach?'

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On Thursday 7th of June, the nursery children and their parents went to Weston Super Mare Seaside to explore 'how many pebbles are on the beach'. The children were over excited on the coach and couldn't wait to arrive at the seaside! Once we arrived, we based ourselves in one spot on the seafront, before we went off to explore the beach. There was soooooo much to do at the beach; the children built sandcastles, splashed in the sea, jumped on the bouncy castles, ate lunch on the sand, walked along the pier, went to shops, ate ice-creams and even had donkey rides!!! frown


After a busy, fun-filled day, we put our feet up to relax on a long journey home. All our children and parents had an amazing time at Weston Super Mare. What amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime!














We celebrated diversity day by taking part in a range of activities which helped us to understand how  people with physical difficulties feel while having to carry out day to day play and activities. We talked about how we could look after  people with special needs.












In relation to our topic, 'Did dragons exist?', we made our own dragon masks. Take a look at our amazing works!



Time to Celebrate!!

#Royal wedding



To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the nursery children dressed up in red, white and blue. We made party hats, played party games and ate delicious party food! We wish Prince Harry and Megan Markle all the best for their wedding.







UtW Workshop - 11.5.18



Thank you to all the parents who attended our 'Understanding of the World' workshop. The children were overjoyed to be working with their mummies and daddies on a range of enticing activities, such as, dressing up, looking closely at dead and alive plants, building homes for different animals , using remote control cars and picking up wiggly worms!!! laugh








Forest School - 30.4.18



This week at forest school, we searched dug deep in the wet soil the wet soil to search for slimy worms. We found short worms, long worms, thin worms, and fat worms!! What a lovely experience!





This week, we have been helping the queen of the castle to count golden coins. We rolled our dice and counted the dots, and then matched the correct amount of coins.

Also this week, We looked closely at features and textures of a variety of animals and compared them to that of a dragon. We then discussed whether or not we thought dragons are real.



Little Rabbit Foo Foo


This week in nursery, we read the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo, and talked about right and wrong.



Forest School!



Every Monday, the nursery children go down to forest school to work with Mrs Bull. There, they have the opportunity to freely explore nature and natural resources. This week, we were out there looking for a fairy who's  house had been destroyed by the terrible sad!

The nursery children worked together to collect logs, sticks and bricks to build a new house for the poor fairy. We also discovered some fairy breath left around forest school, which we used to make bracelets and necklaces out of.


*Reminder - Please can we ask all parents to dress your children appropriately for forest school every Monday's. Try to dress them in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and a pair of willies to keep in school, as we will be learning and exploring in mud etc.





St. George's Day - 27.4.18




Saint George and the Dragon

A princess is chosen to be offered to a dragon until a mighty soldier called George arrives and decides to fight the dragon...



#develop #cornerstones


This week in nursery, we talked about the features of dragons and painted our own dragon pictures. We included wings, horns and claws, and hung them up on display once dried.

To link to our topic of castles and dragons, we introduced our Big Book, Jack and the Beanstalk. the children enjoyed this very much and worked with Mrs Court to match numerals to the correct amount of beans.

In maths this week, we used the numicon pieces to find numbers bigger or smaller than our chosen numicon. We also focused on using positional language while playing with the remote control cars.






Dental Hygiene | Teaching Dental Care to Kids

Dental Hygiene for Kids This video teaches children how to take care of their teeth to prevent plague and cavities. It's important for kids to learn how to brush and floss their teeth. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth.


The school nurse came to visit to talk about dental care. We looked at diagrams and dental props and shared ideas about how and why we must keep our teeth clean.




Did dragons exist?



It's the summer term already! wow! How quick time flies! Welcome back, everybody!


This half term we will be learning about castles and dragons and looking closely at the features of dragons and discussing if they actually existed.

On our first day back, we found some mystery eggs in our nursery. How strange?..Where did they come from?.. Who do they belong to..?

The children explored and investigated the eggs and discussed what they think would be inside them.... A few days later....BABY DRAGONS had hatched through the eggs!! Woooaaahhhh! Amazing! They had pointy tails and sharp claws. Some were breathing fire and one of them had three heads!! Can you believe it? Dragons in our nursery! sad


To engage our children further in this enticing topic, our role play area was transformed into an amazing castle. The children dressed up as kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights and dragons and acted out their parts beautifully. Take a look at our fabulous pictures.