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Dental Hygiene | Teaching Dental Care to Kids

Dental Hygiene for Kids This video teaches children how to take care of their teeth to prevent plague and cavities. It's important for kids to learn how to brush and floss their teeth. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth.


The school nurse came to visit to talk about dental care. We looked at diagrams and dental props and shared ideas about how and why we must keep our teeth clean.




Did dragons exist?



It's the summer term already! wow! How quick time flies! Welcome back, everybody!


This half term we will be learning about castles and dragons and looking closely at the features of dragons and discussing if they actually existed.

On our first day back, we found some mystery eggs in our nursery. How strange?..Where did they come from?.. Who do they belong to..?

The children explored and investigated the eggs and discussed what they think would be inside them.... A few days later....BABY DRAGONS had hatched through the eggs!! Woooaaahhhh! Amazing! They had pointy tails and sharp claws. Some were breathing fire and one of them had three heads!! Can you believe it? Dragons in our nursery! sad


To engage our children further in this enticing topic, our role play area was transformed into an amazing castle. The children dressed up as kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights and dragons and acted out their parts beautifully. Take a look at our fabulous pictures.