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Choir Assembly and the Kindness Crew - 27/03/18


We really enjoyed listening to how to be a little kinder than necessary from the Kindness Crew this morning in assembly together with great voices by the Standing Ovation Choir. 

Easter Assembly - 26/03/18


In our assembly today we learnt about Jesus and his ascension to heaven. 


Innovate : Time Traveller - What will I look like in 2070? - 23/03/18


We were not impressed seeing how we would look in the future!  Hopefully by then there will be some new invention that will make us not age anymore.  See our shocking pictures below at your own peril!

Sport's Relief - 23/03/18


We had a fantastic time doing activities to raise money for Sport's Relief.  Take a look at the fun we had! 

Career's Day - 22/03/18


We enjoyed a really interesting day talking to people from different professions about how they decided on their chosen career path.  We heard from: teachers; police; a member of parliament; a musician; a recruitment agent; an artist; an engineer and someone from the Malachi Trust.  We were so inspired!

Cornerstones Art Inspiration Day: Salvador Dali - 14/03/18


Today we had an Art Inspired Day learning all about Salvador Dali.  We learnt about what an eccentric character he was and his inspiration for the surrealist artwork he created.  We were so inspired, we tried to create our own surrealist artwork.  Take a look at our creations below...

Cornerstones -Time Traveller - My own timeline - 7/03/18


Today as part of our topic, we created our own timelines using our own pictures since birth.  We then described the key changes that took place in our lives.  Take a look!

Composer of the Month - Tchaicovsky 1840-1893 :  5/03/18


Our composer of the month is Tchaicovsky.  He was a Russian composer of the romantic period, some of whose works are among the most popular music in the classical repertoire. We found out that he was so good at music by the age of 3 that he became even better than his teacher!  His parents then started looking for another teacher who would help their son become on the of the world's greatest composers.

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Holi Assembly - 5/03/18


We had a very interesting assembly this morning about the Hindu festival of Holi.  We listened to the story behind the celebration and now understand how Hindus celebrate it every year to welcome the Spring and the triumph of good over evil...

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World Book Day - 1/03/18


It was great fun dressing up for World Book Day!  We had all kinds of different activities going on in school including: a visit from Poet, Sara Hirsch to inspire us; we had special visits to the library for enrichment and some children from each Year group  volunteered to go into another class to re-tell their favourite stories. 

Engage for Cornerstone's- Time traveller - 28/02/18


Today Year 5 were fortunate to have 2 special visitors today. Mrs Goodfellow came with her beautiful son, Albert and talked about looking after a new born child.  It was really interesting to find out how much time a tiny baby takes up and how quickly they change from one stage to the next. 


Mrs Shah also visited us and we asked her questions about her childhood. She also discussed the changes that had taken place in both her life and the local area. We enjoyed a fantastic afternoon!


We will be going home and discussing further questions with our families and interviewing some older relatives.  I wonder what life was like for them?

Welcome Back to Spring 2 - 27/02/18


What an exciting half term we have to look forward to!  We are going to be learning about 'Time Travel' in our Cornerstones topic and we can't wait to find out which new book we are reading in English. 

Express:  Assembly Great Exhibition : Revolution - 16/02/18


In assembly, as part of our Express for Cornerstones, year 5 took part in a presentation. We read, analysed and discussed the poem ‘A may day ode’ by William Makepeace Thackeray, which described the Great Exhibition.  Children also read excerpts from Queen Victoria’s journal on the V and A website to describe her feelings.  Finally children shared some facts about our topic ‘Revolution’ and shared the research they had enjoyed doing. It was great fun!

Music for Spring 1 - 16/02/18


In music this half-term we have been learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song. We have also listened to and appraised other pop ballads.  Have a listen to us...



Innovate: Presentation to Queen Victoria - 15/02/18


As part of the Innovate stage of our Cornerstone's topic, children presented a persuasive argument to Queen Victoria.  They had two minutes to present their case to persuade the Queen to invest in their invention or cause.  It was tough using persuasive language and being polite!

Now Press Play - The Workhouse - 14/02/18



We enjoyed acting out a scenario of a young boy trying to save his family from ending up in the workhouse in the Victorian era.  Some parts were very sad.

Trip to Brighouse near Atherstone -  13/02/18


We all went on a nature adventure at the Brighouse today. 


Firstly, we walked along beautiful country lanes, past a farm and in the distance we could see Merevale Hall.  Then we entered Legion Woods and had a competition to see who could make the best 'leaf kebab' using as many different types of leaves that we could find.  Along the way, we worked in teams to build woodland shelters using any logs and branches that we found on the ground. 


Luckily no-one fell over but there was a lot of sliding around in the mud!  Take a look at our pictures below.

Trip to the Black Country Museum - 7/02/18


Today we enjoyed visiting the Black Country Museum to find out more about our Cornerstone's topic, Revolution and experiencing Victorian life.  Take a look at all the different activities we got up to below...

Safer Internet Day - 6/02/18


Today we discussed how to be a little kinder when using social media.  Remembering that we all have different things that we are interested in, or make us laugh, and we all find different things upset us, or make us angry.  So we are going to be much more thoughtful when posting on line. 


No Outsiders Assembly - 5/02/18



Today in assembly, we heard a story about Mohammed and Noor.  The daughter, Noor wanted to go a special 'Dad and daughter' dance at school but was upset as her dad was not around.  The day was saved by her brother who took her to the dance instead.  He did such a good job while at the dance that he won an award for 'Best Dad' even though he was her brother. 



5S Assembly about Victorians - 2/02/18


Today we performed at our assembly about our Cornerstones' Topic,  Revolution and the Victorians.  We performed a play about classrooms in the Victorian era, sang a Victorian song, shared toys that children used to play with in Victorian times, shared a quiz and performed the poem 'What is Pink?' Take a look at how we performed below...



PSHE - Stolen Lives Project - 30/01/18


We have started a new project called 'Stolen Lives' for our PSHE lessons.  This week we started learning all about 'identity'.  We discussed what it means and why it is important to everyone. 

Birmingham City Mission Assembly - 29/01/18


We had an assembly all about the 'Words of Truth'.  It is important to always use your words carefully and be honest.  We heard a story about Jesus and a rich man whose son was dying. 



French - Spring 1


We have started learning how to say foods in French.  Hopefully by the end of this half term we can say sentences related to food in French. 

PHSE - No Outsiders Lesson - 22/01/18


Today we read a book called 'How to fix a broken wing' by Bob Graham.  We discussed how to be kind and thoughtful to all living things, not just other people.  With a little rest, care and hope, the little boy, Will in the story was able to help the bird fly again.  We can do the same.

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World Religion Day Assembly - 22/01/2018


Today we learned about World Religion Day in our assembly.  We learned this Day was set up to celebrate the unity of all religions.  It is celebrated to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony with the aim of uniting everyone, whatever their faith.


 It began in the United States in 1950 but is now celebrated worldwide.  It was initiated by the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’is (one of the world’s youngest religions which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all).


World Religion Day is held on the third Sunday in January every year.


Tribute to our PE Teacher - Mr Green - 19/01/18


Following the sad death of Mr Green during the Christmas holidays, we raised money for mental health charities by taking part in sports.  Sport was Mr Green's biggest passion and we wanted to remember him this way.

Visit from the Dental Nurse - 17/01/18


We had a visit from the Dental Nurse on Wednesday.  She taught us how to care for our teeth correctly.

Victorian Day - Cornerstones Engage - 17/01/18


Today we dressed up as Victorian children and had a very 'strict' day at school.  Even our teachers joined in!  We learned about how children would be made to wear a dunce's hat if they did not know something in class; we were not allowed to sit next to or talk to our friends; we were made to learn everything 'parrot fashion' and really had to practise our handwriting.  We also tried sewing!  We are so glad we don't live in the Victorian times!  Take a look at our costumes.

Online Safety - 15/01/17


Today we had an assembly on Online Safety.  We now know all about how to keep safe when using the website and social media, like keeping our passwords safe, not sharing personal information and being aware of spam emails that should not be opened.  We learned all about staying SMART!  If you would like to know what that means take a look at the photos below.

Spring Term 2018 - 15/01/18


We are really looking forward to this term and learning about Victorians in our Revolution Topic.  Take a look at the research we carried out.  Also, we can't wait to dress up and have our Victorian Classroom! 

Collective Worship - 12/01/18


We learned about the Rohingya people and how they had suffered over the last few years.  UNICEF has been trying to help protect the children suffering in the region. 

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Friendship Day - 11/01/18


Today we celebrated Friendship day doing lots of different activities in the afternoon. The day started with Ms Simpson delivering a fantastic assembly on Friendship Day and how we should behave with each other. We wrote friendship qualities on a strip of paper and created a chain. We also complimented each other and wrote things we admire about someone in our class.

Welcome Back to a fantastic Spring Term coming up!  We hope you had a good rest over the holidays!

Take a look at our Curriculum Map for this half term.