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Victorian Day - Cornerstones Engage - 17/01/18


Today we dressed up as Victorian children and had a very 'strict' day at school.  Even our teachers joined in!  We learned about how children would be made to wear a dunce's hat if they did not know something in class; we were not allowed to sit next to or talk to our friends; we were made to learn everything 'parrot fashion' and really had to practise our handwriting.  We are so glad we don't live in the Victorian times!  Take a look at our costumes.

Online Safety - 15/01/17


Today we had an assembly on Online Safety.  We now know all about how to keep safe when using the website and social media, like keeping our passwords safe, not sharing personal information and being aware of spam emails that should not be opened.  We learned all about staying SMART!  If you would like to know what that means take a look at the photos below.

Spring Term 2018 - 15/01/18


We are really looking forward to this term and learning about Victorians in our Revolution Topic.  Take a look at the research we carried out.  Also, we can't wait to dress up and have our Victorian Classroom! 

Collective Worship - 12/01/18


We learned about the Rohingya people and how they had suffered over the last few years.  UNICEF has been trying to help protect the children suffering in the region. 

Picture 1

Friendship Day - 11/01/18


Today we celebrated Friendship day doing lots of different activities in the afternoon. The day started with Ms Simpson delivering a fantastic assembly on Friendship Day and how we should behave with each other. We wrote friendship qualities on a strip of paper and created a chain. We also complimented each other and wrote things we admire about someone in our class.

Welcome Back to a fantastic Spring Term coming up!  We hope you had a good rest over the holidays!

Take a look at our Curriculum Map for this half term.