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St. Joseph's Day

Collective Worship



In Collective Worship, we learnt about St. Joseph's Day. St. Joseph was the man who was chosen by God to take care of Jesus and Mary. The children understand how important he is to Christians.

St. Patrick's Day

Collective Worship



The children learnt about St. Patrick's day. We know that Irish people around the world celebrate St. Patrick's day by having big parties and parades through the streets.

Mother's Day

Collective Worship



The children learnt about Mother's Day. All of the children spoke about how special their mother's are. We learnt that we should always respect our mothers and enjoy all of our time with them.

No Outsiders



Today we read a story called 'Dogs can do ballet'.  The story was about a dog named Biff who was not an ordinary dog. Biff was a dog who enjoyed ballet, but dogs don't do ballet. We wrote letters to Biff telling him not to give up what he enjoys and ignore people who may disagree with him.

Never give up!




Ash Wednesday

Collective Worship



In Collective Worship, we learnt about Ash Wednesday. The children know that Christian people go to Church on Ash Wednesday and that some people draw a cross on their foreheads using ash.

World Religion Day

Collective Worship



The children learnt about world religion day. The know that we are a no outsiders school and respect everybody's right to follow their own religion.




Today we started our cornerstone topic and we investigated how to brush our teeth effectively.  We used a tablet to reveal harmful plaque which made the stains visible.  We then brushed our teeth until all the stains have gone.


Collective Worship



In Collective Worship, we learnt about Lent. Christian people believe that Lent comes before Easter and lasts for 40 days. Christians try to give up something that they love during lent. This is to remember the sacrifices made by Christ.




Today we looked at stereotype and read the book 'Amazing Grace'. In this book, Grace was told she could not be Peter Pan in the play because she is boy and she is black.  This did not stop Grace from auditioning for the part and she got the part of Peter Pan.  As a class we discussed how we can sometimes have stereotypical behaviour unintentionally.  We also spoke about different professions have a certain gender, for example, primary school teachers are generally women, nurses are women, however chefs and surgeons are men.

Noah's Ark

Collective Worship



The children learnt about the Christian story of Noah's Ark. They understand that Christian people believe that Noah was very special to God and that he was chosen to saved two of each animal from a flood.

Burn's Night

Collective Worship



The children learnt the Scottish festival of Burn's Night.

They learnt about the poet, Robert Burns. The children also learnt about how Scottish people celebrate Burn's night by eating haggis.

Friendship Day



Today we celebrated Friendship day doing lots of different activities in the afternoon.  The day started with Ms Simpson delivering a fantastic assembly on Friendship Day and how we should behave with each other.  We wrote friendship qualities on a strip of paper and created a chain.  We also complimented each other and wrote things we admire about someone in our class. 

Baptism of Christ

Collective Worship



The children learnt about the baptism of Christ. They understand why baptism is so important to Christians and respect the Christian religion.

World Book Day



We all dressed up today in our favourite character and undertook different activities throughout the day.

UNICEF Celebration Assembly



We had a special visit from local MP Liam Byrne, who attended our UNICEF assembly where our children performed brilliantly.

Collective Worship



Today we looked at a picture of the Rohingya people and discussed Unicef articles that it is breaching. We also talked about the British Values of 'mutual respect' and ''individual liberty'. We are very lucky that we can exercise our rights as children in this country.

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a great break.

We have busy term coming up, we'll keep you posted.