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Phonics Workshop 26/3/18


Thank you to all the parents who attended our phonics workshop today, what a great turn-out!


 After our parents were given information about the 'Read, Write Inc' phonics program, they set of to do the variety of   activities set out. The children showed their parents how they were able to say, hear, read and write the sounds they have learnt so far. Some children even showed how they were able to orally bled sounds to make a word! Great job, Nursery!












To express our learning of our fantastic topic, 'Is it shiny?', the nursery children dressed up in their shiny clothes and took part in 'shiny' activities during the course of the day. As we were busy playing, we heard a soft knock on the window.... Who could it be...?


 It was a surprise visitor! A visitor all the way from the deep, dark ocean...It was a MERMAID! YES!! A real mermaid!! She had shiny scales, sparkly jewels and a shimmery, shiny face! WOW! We were absolutely AMAZED by her glamorous beauty! We got the opportunity to learn about life under the sea by asking the beautiful mermaid lots of questions.



"How did you get here?"

"Where do you sleep?"

"What do you eat?"

"Why do you not have feet?"

"Did you steal all of these jewels?"


Fantastic questioning, Nursery!! no








Picture 1



Pirates get learning! 12/3/18


This week, we proved how clever pirates really are by doing fantastic learning in class. We began by sorting shiny and dull objects, then practiced good literacy skills my making 'wanted' posters and writing our names. We also used the 2Paint program on the interactive white board to make brilliant pirate pictures.


In science this week, we explored torches and how they make things shiny. The nursery children set off to see where they could shine their torches to find hidden treasures.

In maths this week, we learnt how to separate a group of objects whilst realising the total remains the same no matter how we split it! Also, our new number this week is....6! Please practice counting out 6 objects at home.


Phonics sounds learnt so far: m, a, s, d, t, i



* Please make sure that your library books are returned by Friday when the children arrive to school.

* Phonics workshop will be on Monday 19th March.









Happy Mothers Day!!


In nursery, we made  beautiful flowers for our mummies on Mothers Day. First, we painted dowling sticks green to make stems. then collaged flower templates to stick to our stems. after that, we moulded clay to make small pots and finally placed our flowers into the pots and left them to dry. We hope you like your flowers mummies!





Our big book this half term is, The Rainbow Fish! #SMSC

Book- Read aloud of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.


Ship Ahoy...!  5.3.18


Our pirate ship is finally ready to play in! The children are having an amazing time pretending to be pirates and mermaids in search for hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea!

After receiving a letter from the very angry Captain Hook, the children were set to task to find the missing treasure. We used telescopes for our search and found golden coins hidden in the nursery playground.

Phew!! Job done! We were saved from having to walk the plank!


In maths this week, we matched numeral to quantity by giving the correct amount of shiny scales to the numbered fish.

In phonics, so far the sounds we have learnt to say, read and write are...m, a, s, d, and t.




Is It Shiny?




Welcome back, everybody! This half term, we will learning about all things shiny. Our new topic 'Is it shiny?', is taking us down under the sea where our little pirates and mermaids will be busy discovering hidden shiny treasures. Join us on our exciting journey.....!!



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Picture 2





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Picture 1
Picture 1
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Communication and Language Workshop







What a successful turn out at our Communication and Language workshop this week! The children took part in a range of activities linked to speaking, listening and understanding. Thank you to all our parents who attended our workshop, your input to your child's learning is vital and much appreciated no.




Nurse in the Nursey! - 5/2/18


Nurse Mahima Begum came to visit to talk about hand hygiene. She explained how germs come onto our hands and how/why we should get rid of them. We put on a special gel and placed out hands in a light box to show us where the germs are! To our surprise, we had soooooooooo many germs on our hands! angel So Nurse Mahima showed us how to wash our hands properly to get rid of the germs.


Picture 1



Let's get mucky! - 29/1/18



This week in nursery, the children worked with Mrs Ali to mix 'CEMENT'! We focused on following instructions as we mixed sand and water and talked about having the right consistency. Once our cement was ready, we worked together to build a strong wall...a wall that the Big Bad Wolf could NOT blow down.         

Later on in the week, the children got messy with clay as they made their own bricks to build their walls independently.


Relating back to our 'Big Book', 'The Three Little Pigs', the children put the building materials to the test! We built houses of straw, sticks and bricks and used our great big huffs and puffs to see what would happen when we blew the houses down. Take a look at our fabulous pictures.


Our New sound this week was... S

Our new numbers this week were...2 and 3



- Parents evening next week - Wed 7th Feb/Thurs 8th Feb

- Please return your library books every Friday







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