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Workshop Wonders!

Monday 10th July 2017

The children in Reception had a wonderful time this morning

working with their families.

Reception families heard all about the Early Learning Goals

and expectations for Understanding the World

and Expressive Art and Design.

We hope you tried out some of the fun ways

to explore the different materials with your child today.

We chatted about The Queen

and some of the other people we have heard about in our special stories.

Take a look at the fun photos below to 

remind yourself about some activities you could try at home.

Happy 90th Anniversary Alston!

Friday 7th July 2017.


Today the children of Alston Primary School commemorated its 90th Anniversary!

What an amazing day!

Past pupils and teachers gathered to share the special memories of their time at Alston.

Do you have any special memories that you would like to share?

Pop in to tell us all about your time at Alston?

You could chat to your children about your school days.

How was it different?

Take a look at some photos of our celebration.


Transition Day!

Wednesday 5th July 2017


What an exciting day!

Reception children spent the day in Year 1 today.

They spent time learning in their new classrooms all day.

The Year 1 teachers were delighted with the way Reception children behaved

 and their lovely manners.

Well done to all of the Reception children!

Super learning today!

You should be very proud of yourselves.

Why not chat to your child about what they have enjoyed?

If you have any questions please come and talk to Reception or Year 1 staff.

Enjoying some Year 1 play-time 05.07.17

Enjoying some Year 1 play-time 05.07.17 1
Enjoying some Year 1 play-time 05.07.17 2

Welcome to Alston!

Monday 3rd July 2017


Today was a very exciting day in Reception.

The children helped to get the classrooms ready to

welcome the families of children joining Reception in September.

We chatted about 'Transition Day'.

Do you know the name of your child's teachers in Year 1?

Please come and chat to the team in Reception or Year 1

about any worries you or your child may have.

Remember to chat about Transition Day on Wednesday 5th July.

Your child will meet their new class teachers and spend the day exploring Year 1.

Your children have helped to make this year amazing for the staff and the other children.

Thank you for working with us this year to make our year such fun.


Take a look at our photos of the 'Induction Meeting' today.

We hope they will enjoy being part of

the Reception team as much as you have this year.


Induction Meeting with Reception 2017-2018 families.

Induction Meeting with Reception 2017-2018 families. 1
Induction Meeting with Reception 2017-2018 families. 2
Induction Meeting with Reception 2017-2018 families. 3

Eid Mubarak!

Tuesday 27th June 2017


We hope our families who celebrated Eid

this weekend had a wonderful time.

Today the children in Reception

came to school in their special clothes.

We chatted about visiting our families and friends and eating lovely food.

What did your family do this weekend?

What did your family do to celebrate Eid?

Take a look at our party photos.

We wished each other 'Eid Mubarak!'

and danced to our favourite Eid songs.

We enjoyed playing 'Musical Statues'.

Eid Celebration 27.06.17

Let's Celebrate!

Friday 23rd June 2017

Today the children chatted about how

our families like to celebrate special days and events.

Many of our friends are getting ready to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.


We enjoy meeting our friends and family on Eid.

We love sharing food with our guests.

We are looking forward to wearing our special clothes.

What do you like to do to celebrate special days and events?


We decided cards and presents help us to remember special times.

So we designed and made our own Eid cards.

Take a look at the photos to see some of our designs.

Click on the link to share an Eid song.


Designing and making Eid cards - 23.06.17

Nasheed - IT'S EID DAY By ZAKY

IT'S EID DAY is Zaky's latest nasheed (song) by One 4 Kids TV.

Clay designs for our mural.

Wednesday 21.06.17

Today we worked with the artist Benny

to create some beautiful clay shapes and designs

to add to our mural.


Take a look at the photos to see how well

we all worked together to create our clay designs.

Creating clay work to add to our mural- 21.06.17

Learning from UNICEF.

Wednesday 14th June 2017


The children in Reception have been learning about

the work that UNICEF does around the world to help children.

Today we thought about what some of the Rights mean to us.

We discussed four areas that help to keep children safe and well.

These areas are family life, the chance to have a good education,

people and services to help us to be healthy and the opportunity to play.

You could chat about how these are shown in your child's life.

Click on the link below to see some of the 

incredible and important work UNICEF does. 

What are child rights?

Reception have been thinking about the Rights of children. What are child rights?
Brother and sister duo Jack and Ruby explore the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which guides all of UNICEF's work.
For free teaching resources visit

Art Attack!

Tuesday 13th June 2016

Today the children in Reception had a fantastic time working with the artist Benny.

We will be creating a mural as part of Alston's 90th Anniversary celebrations.

You could share some ideas or your time to help us to create this masterpiece.

What was your school like when you were a child?

Chat to your child about all the things that have changed.

Take a look at our photos to see some of our ideas.

It was very exciting!

We can't wait to see our work up on the wall as part of the mural.

Aliens Alert!

Friday 09.06.17


The children in Reception have been exploring alien worlds.

Just look at the strange new planet in our photos.

Alien World 09.06.17

Collective Worship 09.06.17

Collective Worship 09.06.17 1
Collective Worship 09.06.17 2

The children in Reception have been thinking about friendship.

In our story the animals learn how to be better friends.

The children decided it is important for friends to be kind and honest too.

Welcome Back!

Tuesday 6th June 2017


We hope you had a lovely holiday. It is lovely to see all the Reception families again.


We have so many exciting things to share with you this half-term.

We will be thinking about different sounds.

How many instruments can you name?

Can you hear any sounds in space?

Our children are fascinated by space at the moment.

Maybe you could take your child to visit a museum about space.

Can you find out about the planets in our solar system?


Don't forget to create your own musical instrument, space ship or space creature at home.

We would love to see all the different models you create.

Bring your model to school by 14th July 2017.

'Farmyard Capers'

Friday 26th May 2017


Thank you to all the Reception families for joining us at our 'Farmyard Capers' performance today.

What a lot of fun we all had!

The children in Reception sang their favourite farmyard songs for their families 

and shared some interesting facts about farm animals.

We hope you learnt all about where our food comes from.

Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had singing and performing for our families.

Which song was your favourite?

Did you choose banana or strawberry smoothie?


Green finger fun

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

We have been planting some beautiful flower in our Growing Area.

Why not stop and take a look next time you are at school.

You could chat to your child about the colours and textures.

Do you have a garden or space to grow things at home

Why not grow some flowers or vegetables with your child?

Cluck! Cluck!

Friday 5th May 2017


The children in Reception will be enjoying a fantastic story next week called

'The Little Red Hen'.

It has been told in many different ways over many years.

You can share the story with your child by clicking on the link below.

The Little Red Hen

Join in with Pye Corbett telling the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. The actions help children to remember the story.

"Little Red Hen"

Benedict Cumberbatch reads "Little Red Hen".

The chicks are here!

Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Today we had some very special visitors.

The eggs were nice and cosy in the special chick incubator.

Many of the chicks have hatched already!

We have been watching them carefully

and trying to answer lots of questions about them.

We have tried to think of some names for the chicks.

Can you help?

The chicks are so cute !

Rosie's Walk.

Monday 1st May 2017


The children in Reception will be sharing this fun story about a hen called Rosie.

Can you see which animal is trying to sneak up behind Rosie?

Try to name all the places Rosie visits on the farm.

Rosie's Walk

What does Rosie see on her walk around the farm?

Where does our food come from?

Thursday 27th April 2017


This week we have been thinking about the food that we eat.

We shared some food that was bought at the supermarket.


Some of our food comes from plants and some from animals.

The children decided how to sort the food.


Try spotting food from animals and food from plants

the next time you are shopping at the supermarket.


Field to Fork - Episode 1 "Where does food come from?"

Short animations aimed at educating a primary audience about local food.
Created by the young people of Worth Valley Young Farmers as ITV Fixers.

Baked Bread: how flour is made

We've been making flour for 6,000 years, however the process hasn't actually changed very much.

Do Cows Drink Milk?

Monday 24th April 2017.


What do you like to eat?

Where does your food come from?

Does your favourite food come from a plant or an animal?

Can you name any farm animals?

In Reception we will be learning all about farms and farm animals.

Can you answer our special question?

Try to visit a farm with your child to see for yourself what the animals eat and drink.

Click on the link below to take a peak at a farm.

You could chat about what you might see on a farm.



On The Farm - Educational Video by abcteach

Age level: preschool and early elementary. What types of animals can you find on a farm? This video teaches young students to recognize and identify farm animals by name and appearance.

Where Does Milk Come From?

Have your children ever wondered where milk comes from? In this fun and educational video, Ethan and Justin take a trip to a dairy farm. You will see cows being milked, and understand how milk gets to our grocery stores. This video is great for all ages!

"Old Macdonald Had a Farm" Children's Sing Along FUN with Animal Video

"Old Macdonald Had a Farm"

Welcome back!

Monday 24th April 2017

It is wonderful to see all the children and families again.

We hope you had a lovely holiday.

Did you do anything special?

You might like to bring your photos and mementos to school to share with your friends.

Minibeast Models.

Thursday 6th April 2017


Just look at all the super minibeast models in Reception!

They look incredible and so colourful!

Well done to all the ladybirds and spiders and worms.

Can you spot any other minibeasts on our exclusive designer T-shirts?

We enjoyed sharing our creations with our Year 1 friends

in our Minibeast Catwalk Show.


Minibeast Catwalk Show -06.04.17

Easter Bonnet Parade.

Tuesday 4th April 2017


Reception was full of bunnies and chicks today.

Take a look at all the inventive bonnets the

creative Reception children have made.

Can you spot your child in the parade?

Minibeast Mayhem!

Friday 31st March 2017


We love all the strange and wonderful

 minibeasts that have invaded Reception at Alston.

Remember to bring your child's 

minibeast creation to school to share

with the other Reception children.



Green Balloon Club - Minibeast madness song - Cbeebies

Sing along and watch minibeasts in their habitats.

Easter Bonnet Parade!

Friday 31st March 2017


The children in Reception are very excited

about the Easter Bonnet Parade on Tuesday 4th April.

Please remember to bring your bonnet to school ready for the parade.


Come and join us cheering and clapping for all the children  in the Easter Bonnet Parade.

Please remember to come and support your child on Tuesday 4th April.


The most creative bonnet in each class will win a special prize!

Good Luck!


Happy Mother's Day!

Friday 24th March 2017


Thank you to all the Mums and Grandmas, Aunties and sisters

who attended the special Mother's Day assembly today.

We hope you had a wonderful time.

The children in Reception worked really hard to prepare for today.

Did you join in singing the Mother's Day song ?

We hope you enjoyed the poems too.

You are very special people and deserve the card, painting and Spring daffodil you received today.

To all the special ladies who do so much for the children at Alston

 a HUGE thank you!


Have a very lovely Mother's Day!




Mother's Day Assembly 24.03.17

Well done Reception families!

Thursday 23rd March 2017


Wow! What a fantastic turnout!

The families in Reception are amazing!

Just look at all the Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles enjoying the Writing Workshop activities.

Which activity did you enjoy the most?


Thank you for all your wonderful comments. We are so glad that you have enjoyed the workshops each half term. We love to hear about how you have been using the ideas and activities from the workshops to help your children.

We hope to see you all at the next workshop!

Here's a little reminder.

Friday 17th March 2017.



Don't forget to join us at the 'Writing Workshop'.

Thursday 23rd March

9 am until 10:30 am.



We are looking forward to sharing some special surprises at the Mothers Day Assembly

We hope you will join us for this wonderful assembly

on Friday 24th March

at 9am until 10 am.

I Love My Mommy | Happy Mothers Day Song | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! I Love My Mommy! Mother's Day song! ★ 'I Love My Mommy Yes I Do' - sing along with the kids! " Happy Mother's Day!"

Minibeast Challenge!

Friday 17th March 2017


Wow! We have been learning all about insects!

Do you know what a Thorax is?

How many wings does a dragon-fly have?

Can ladybirds be blue?

The children in Reception know

the answers to these tricky questions

and lots of other interesting facts too!


This half term we have a new challenge for the Express week.

What will you make for the minibeast challenge?

You can make a minibeast of your choice

or perhaps

you might like to build a home for your minibeast.


Please bring your minibeast

or minibeast home

to school by Wednesday 5th April


Life Cycle of a Butterfly

"Life Cycle of a Butterfly" in this video.

Sing and Learn about insects with Dr. Jean

Here's a simple song to sing to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" where children can learn the basic body parts of insects.

Walking Fit!!

Thursday 16th March 2017


Today the children were set a challenge.

Each week the children in Reception will be competing for the special 'Walk to School' badges.


To help your child to win a badge all you have to do is...


Pick any day in the week when you can

walk to school

cycle to school

get on your scooter and 'scoot' to school


park a few streets away and walk the rest of the way to school


I'm sure you can find more than one day a week to do this challenge.

We found out it could even help you to be better at Maths!!




Calling All Writing Wizzes!

 Tuesday 14th March 2017


We are excited about working with Reception families at the

EYFS Writing Workshop.


Thursday 23rd March


9am until 10:30 am

 In the Performance Hall.

We listened carefully to your feedback from previous workshops and have planned some super writing activities for you to share with your child.

We would love to chat to you about any questions or suggestions you have.

Remember to return the attendance slip

to your child's class teacher.

See you soon!



What does the moon feel like?

Wednesday 8th March 2017


The children in Reception have been making 'Moon Sand'!!!

We had so much fun mixing, stirring, pouring and kneading

to create the special 'Moon Sand'.

Then we explored how the texture had changed.

Here are some of the things the children said-


'It feels like cake'

'It's squishy and soft'

'It's crumbly'

'I like it because it's so soft'


You can find out how to make your own 'Moon Sand' below.

How to make MOON SAND | from Channel Mum

Learn how to create your own moon sand with this easy recipe.

See the little bunny sleeping!

Monday 6th March 2017


Have you met our newest friend?

We have a brand new member of the Early Years- a rabbit!

The children in Nursery and Reception voted for their favourite name.

We chose Cocoa.

The children are having a wonderful time learning how to care for Cocoa.

You could help your child to find out about rabbits by clicking on the video below.

RABBITS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

RABBITS | All Things Animal - animals for children

Reading Rockets!

Thursday 2nd March 2017


Today we enjoyed a world of reading fun!

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing lots of fun stories.

We joined in with poems by a special poet. He was very funny!

See if you can spot the smelly super hero.


Which book is your favourite?

Why not share a story you remember with your child.


Don't forget to use your special World Book Day tokens at a book shop soon.

You can bring the books you buy into school to show the other children.


Keep reading!

The Amazing Animal Man!

Tuesday 28th February 2017


Wow! Just look at the amazing animals Reception met today!

Thank you to Henry for bringing his interesting animals to meet us today.

We were very excited about holding the animals. Some animals were soft and furry but others were spiky!

Can you name some of the animals?

Which is your favourite animal?

Nee naw! Nee naw!

13th February 2017


Wow! just look at this amazing police car. Well done Safi from RS!

OK Reception families- time to bring those fabulous vehicles to school.

Don't forget to label your child's model with the child's name and class.


The 'Transport Exhibition' will be held on-

Friday 17th February 2017

at 11:30

You can see all the fantastic models the Reception children have been making

as-well as the 'Home-project' models you helped your child to create.


For just £2 you will receive your special Transport Exhibition ticket


Chat to your child's teacher about what the children have planned for you.


Any funds raised will be used to fund the next exciting project for your child.

A fabulous Home-project-by Safi in RS

A fabulous Home-project-by Safi in RS 1

Transport Engineers!

10th February 2017


We have been very busy thinking about transport this week.

Thank you to everyone who sent in empty packaging, boxes and bottles. You will be delighted with the vehicles we made from them. Just look at how busy we are using lots of different tools and resources to make our favourite type of transport.

Don't forget to note Friday 17th February in your diary. We would like you to bring  in any vehicles that you have made together at home. We would love to display them for everyone to see how creative Reception children are at Alston!

Transport Engineers-10.02.17

Super Learners!!

7th February 2017


Thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles and everyone who attended the Shape, Space and Measures workshop today.

Just look at the happy faces enjoying learning in our outdoor area.

Don't forget, you can ask any of the adults if you have any questions about helping your child with their learning.

We hope you had lots of fun!

Happy New Year!

3rd February 2017


We enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year celebrations.

We listened to a story about how 

each of the twelve years is named after an animal. 

We think the rat cheated! That's not fair!

Later we watched special dances and

then we went outside to have a race like the animals in the story.

Finally we shared some special food.

It was delicious!

How do you celebrate special days with your family?

Do you enjoy special food too?

Chinese New Year 03.02.17

Is an elephant heavy or light?

2nd February 2017


We are super investigators!

Just look at how we sorted the items using our special vocabulary to talk about weight.

Can you find things around the home that are heavy or light?

How many items can you find that are heavier or lighter than a can of beans?

Is it tricky to put the items in order from lightest to heaviest?


Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Michael Rosen performs the book - why not sing along with your copy at home!

'What a beautiful day!'

27th January 2017.


We hope you have enjoyed singing along and joining in with all the actions to this amazing story. Why not pop along to your local library to find more books about bears.

We have been describing the different places the family went to on their journey to the bear's cave. We enjoyed joining in with all the sounds. Which part of the story did you enjoy the most?

Parent's Evening.

26th January 2017.


Thank you to all the families who attended Parent's Evening. We hope you found it useful to chat to your child's teachers. We enjoy hearing what you have to share about Alston's amazing pupils. Together we can help the children to achieve their potential. Don't forget you can ask your child's teacher about how to help your child with his or her learning at home.

Full, half full and empty.

Learn to use full, empty and half full to talk about the containers.

Empty & Full activity and song for children

Learn about full and empty.

'The glass is half-full!'

24th January 2017


In Reception we have been learning about capacity. We can talk about the containers and place them in order from empty to full. We think a bowl of custard should be half-full because there is space for a piece of cake too! Yum! What do you think?

'Let's go fly a kite'.

23rd January 2017


In Reception we have been investigating kites this week. First we selected the resources we wanted to use to create our kites. Next we tried our kites to find out if they would fly high. We found out that a windy day is the perfect weather to fly kites. 

"Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins

Another good song from Mary Poppins.

Five Little Kites | Nursery Rhyme | Numbers and Counting

Find out what the Five little kites flying high in the sky Said, "Hi!" to in the sky.


We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen.

This week the children are looking at the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen.  As part of this the children will be re-enacting the story using various props and resources.  They will need to choose their characters and use the repetitive language to help them re-tell the story in the correct order.  Watch this space for more...

Friday 13th January 2017

It's snowing!!

The Reception children enjoyed exploring the snow; touching it, tasting it, making snow balls and snow angels.  They even managed to build a snowman!

Maths Day

On Thursday 5th January 2017 we enjoyed taking part in special maths activities as part of our whole school Maths Day.

The children were involved in a range of activities including; dominoes, making 2D shapes with the peg boards, reading numbers on the bikes and counting in fun ways.


This week the children in Reception have been playing in the new role play areas.  They are all linked to our brand new Imaginative Learning Project - Are we there yet?  The project is about Journeys and Transport.

Look at the fun they have had!  They were all very excited to play various roles!

Our brand new role play area - Alston Travel Agents

Our experience in the new Toy Shop.

Our Trip to the Town Hall to see 'What the Ladybird Heard?' By Julia Donaldson. Tuesday 3rd January 2017

"The Train Ride".

By June Crebbin.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


We will be sharing this wonderful story at school.

Click on the link to join in with the sing-song words.

Where would you like to travel to on a train?

What do you think you might see on your journey?

Who would meet you at the station?

Can you think of different types of transport?

Which is your favourite?

The Train Ride

THE TRAIN RIDE by June Crebbin, Music written and performed by Eric Walker

We All Go Travelling By (UK)

Different modes of transportation are each paired with a color in this educational and fun selection.
From the book and CD written by Sheena Roberts, illustrated by Siobhan Bell and sung by Fred Penner.

Transportation Song | Cars, Planes, and Trains | The Singing Walrus

The "Transportation Song - Cars, Planes, and Trains" is a fun song for children.
It introduces different means of transportation and their speed in relation to each other.

"What the ladybird heard".

By Julia Donaldson.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


Click on the link below to share one of the stories we will be enjoying this term.

Why not make your own map with directions

to find something you have hidden at home


maybe go on a treasure hunt at a familiar place like your local park.

You could pop into your local library

to borrow this amazing book to read together at home.






What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson

What the Ladybird Heard

Welcome back!

3rd January 2017



It is 2017!

The Reception staff would like to say how lovely it is

to see all our amazing Reception children and families again

at the start of a brand new year and a brand new term.

We have lots of exciting things to share with you!

As always make sure you come to school every day and on time.

Remember to bring your book-bag each day and

don't forget to ask any of the Reception adults if you would like some help

with the homework.

We can't wait to start with all the fun learning this term!


Christmas is coming!

Friday 2nd December 2016.


We can't wait to enjoy our special pantomime!

Make sure you return

 your child's request slip to attend this fabulous event!

Every year we hold a Christmas Fayre.

Each year it gets bigger and better thanks to all your contributions.

Remember to check the newsletter each week

for all the ways you can get involved with school in the next few weeks.

Yay! Reception Reading Families!

Thursday 1st December 2016


Our families are AMAZING!

Each week lots of grandmas and grandpas,

Mums and Dads and Aunties and Uncles

have been popping in to read with our wonderful Reception children.

We love to share this time with you!

The children look forward to your visits

and it's a great chance to chat to the Reception staff or share your news.

Thank you so much for coming to school

each Thursday and Friday morning.

See you again soon!

Magic Maths!

Wednesday 30th November 2016


This week we have been thinking about 3D shapes.

We can sort familiar 3D shapes.

You could look for boxes, tins and other packaging at home to sort.

Our maths learning was a big challenge.

We practised finding 1 more!

You can help your child to use the vocabulary

and practise finding 1 more at home.

Click on the link below to sing some songs to help.

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

Join our characters as they learn 4 different 3D shapes - cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

3D Shapes I Know (new pyramid version)

One More Than A Number | Numbers 0 to 9

Learn what is one more than a number.

Welcome to our Phonics Workshop!

Tuesday 29th November 2016

The children in Reception had a great time

sharing lots of phonics activities with our families today.

First the adults chatted about why we teach phonics

and how we teach phonics at Alston Primary School.

We follow the Ruth Miskin method.

Then we worked together to see how much fun it is to practise our phonics!

Phonics Workshop 29.11.16

Phonics tutoring with Ruth Miskin - how to teach blending to children.

Ruth Miskin demonstrates how to teach children phonics through assisted word blending.

Off to the Cathedral!

Monday 28th November 2016


We had a wonderful time at 

 Birmingham Cathedral.

We learnt about a special Christian festival.

Our Christian friends are getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

We saw beautiful purple decorations and candles for Advent.


We listened carefully to a special story

all about 'The First Christmas'.

We made angel cards and we sang a song about a special star.

See if you can spot the Christmas story in a beautiful stained glass window.

Click on the link below to take a peek inside Birmingham Cathedral.




The Nativity Window-Birmingham Cathedral

St. Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham.

Take a peek inside Birmingham Cathedral

Tour of Birmingham Cathedral's Tower

Join Heritage Officer Jane McArdle in this tour of the tower by IDM Media.


Friday 25th November 2016.

We love surprises!

Our new story is called "Handa's Surprise"

by Eileen Browne. 

Click on the link to see what Handa finds in her basket.


HANDA'S SURPRISE - Picture Book- Animation

Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various creatures steal her fruits. A monkey takes the banana, an ostrich the guava, a zebra the orange, an elephant the mango, a giraffe the pineapple, an antelope the avocado and a parrot the passion fruit.

How could you find the tallest giraffe?

Friday 25th November 2016.

This week we have had lots of fun in Reception.

We found out how to compare different objects and describe them.

We can sort the animals and tell you which is the tallest giraffe and which is the shortest snake!

We can describe the animals in our story 'Dear Zoo,' using our senses

and we can match the baby animals to the correct adult animal too!

Are You My Mother

This Is The First PD Eastman Story Called Are You My Mother

Short or Tall (Sing & Read Math Literacy Series)

"Short or Tall" from the Frog Street Sing & Read Math Literacy Problem Solving Series.

Long and Short | Harry the Bunny

​​​long and short

Classic Sesame Street - Tall, Taller, Tallest

What Do You See? Song with Matt | Describing Wild Animals | I See a Big Elephant | Learn English

What do you see? Let's learn how to describe wild animals in this fun song for kids! Join Matt, Tunes, and Bell as they see a small mouse, a big elephant, a slow turtle, and uh-oh! Is that a fast cheetah? Run, run, run! Can Matt outrun the cheetah?

Reading Stars!

Thursday 24th November 2016


So many of our wonderful families joined the children in Reception

to share a good book!

Thank you to everyone who has helped to share a love of books and reading

with the children in Reception this week.

Which books did you choose?

We had a selection of traditional tales, rhymes, facts and favourite stories.


you can come and join in the morning reading sessions

each Thursday and Friday morning.

From 8:40 until 8:55 in your child's class.

See you again soon!

Reading with your children

Get the most out of reading with your child with these tips from teachers at British Council Singapore.

Nighty Night Circus - a lovely bedtime story

To bed with "Nighty Night".
"Nighty Night Circus" has a magical setting and a very special bedtime-atmosphere full of animations and colour.
Why not try adding sounds and changing your voice for different characters when you next read a story with your child.

Puppy Love!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The children in Reception met Tinkerbell and Cocoa today.

They are two very well behaved puppies!

We saw their favourite toys and found out about the things

Tinkerbell and Cocoa like to eat and do.

We learned that caring for puppies helps to keep the puppies

safe, healthy and happy so it is very important.

Click on the link below to hear about some of the ways you can care for a puppy.

How To Take Care of a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppies

How To Take Care of a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppies Dr. Katy Nelson.

Cookies for a cause!

Friday 18th November 2016

Spot the Charity Champions on Friday.

Don't forget to dress up in your dottiest outfits!

We will be raising money for  the 'Children In Need' charity.

You can order a dotty cookie from the kitchen. It's just 30p!

We are looking forward to raising lots of money for this wonderful charity on Friday!

Click on the link

to see all the amazing things your kind donations will help this charity to do.


Reading Rockets!

Thursday 17th November 2016.

Don't forget to come and read with your child!

We will have some super stories for you to enjoy

as well as some of the home reading books and Ditty Cards for you to share.

Why not make up a story with your child using the  picture books?

Maybe you know a story in a language other than English.

It would be wonderful to hear stories told around the world and from long ago.

Don't miss your chance to read in class every Thursday and Friday. 8:40 until 8:55!

See you soon!


Tuesday 15th November 2016

Take a look at our super story retelling!

We used masks and dressed up as the animals in our story 'Dear Zoo'.

Can you see the fierce lion growling?

Just look at that jumping frog?

We think the puppy is perfect too!

'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell.

Monday 14th November 2016

This is our amazing new book. In this story lots of animals arrive in the post.

Which one would you choose as your pet?

Click on the link to share this wonderful story.


Dear Zoo

One of our favourite books about animals.

Bright is beautiful!

Friday 11th November 2016

Did you know that

wearing brightly coloured and reflective clothing could save your life!!

The children in Reception wore their brightest outfits today to raise money for the road safety charity called Brake.

We hope this was a fun way to remind everyone to make sure you are seen on these darker nights.

Click on the link to learn about this wonderful charity.

Rememberance Day.

Friday 11th November 2016

Today the children thought about some very special people.

This is a special day to remember all the brave men and women who have helped to keep us safe. We wore our poppies to help raise money for them and their families.

Thank you from all the staff and children in Reception.

Friendship Day 08.11.2016

The Poppy Story (Early Years)

An animated short film about the journey of the poppy and what it means. Written specifically for very young children this is an excellent introduction to the poppy and remembrance.

Where The Poppies Now Grow

The carefree childhood for Ben and his best friend Ray becomes a distant memory when they join the army to serve their country. But, in the midst of battle can their friendship survive?

Number fun!

Parent Maths Workshop.

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Thank you to all our amazing families.

Today the children in Reception had a great time learning about developing Number skills.

We worked with Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles exploring lots of exciting activities.  Everyone came to join in the fun and learn how to help our amazing Reception children with developing confidence in Number.

Take a look at the photos below to see what we did!

'We're all going to the Zoo!'

Tuesday 1st November 2016

We are having so much fun dressing up as Zoo Keepers in our Role-play Zoo. 

What is your favourite animal?

Why not visit a zoo to see some of our favourite animals?

Click on the link below to find out about animals you might see at the zoo.

Zoo Animals - Cute Animals - Funny Animals - An Amazing Zoo Trip

Zoo Animals - Cute Animals - Funny Animals - An Amazing Zoo Trip

Learning Wild Animals for Kids - Teaching Animals Video for Toddlers

This animated wild animals from Africa video for children teachesthe names of 14 different animals.

Pets for Kids. Lots of Pets at Home

Pet Videos for Children (other than dogs or cats). This video shows pets at home, including turtles, birds, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, lizards, fish and hermit crabs.

Kitten's First Vet Visit

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - Marmalade's first trip to the vet when he was a kitten... he loved exploring the new space but as you could see wasn't a fan of the vaccinations! ... Such a BIG meow from such a tiny kitten!

Animal Magic!

Tuesday 1st November 2016

What is your favourite animal?

Where can you see your favourite animal?

We are learning all about animals during this Half Term.

Some animals live on a farm. These animals are useful and often have jobs to do.

Some animals can live with people in their homes. We need to care for our pets and take them to the special animal doctor called a Vet if the pet is unwell.

Some animals are fierce or too big. We can see these animals at the zoo.

Why not chat to your child about the different types of animals you might see in different places?

'Brown Bear Brown Bear!

What do you see?'

Tuesday 1st November 2016.

What is your favourite animal story?

Do you know any animal stories that are told in different places around the world?

This week we will be sharing a  wonderful rhyming story full of colourful animals.

Have you ever seen a purple cat?!

Look out for the blue horse in our story.

Click on the link to share the story at home.







Brown Bear (with lyrics)

no copyright infringement is intended - for educational purposes only

Big Cook, Little Cook!

We love to find out all about the people who help us.

Lots of people help us at school.

Today Mr Waller visited the children in Reception.

We did not know  that he cooks 500 dinners each day!

He talked about his special job. It sounds like lots of fun!


First we asked Mr Waller his name and then Mr Waller answered our questions.

Q-What do you do before you cook our dinner?

Mr Waller-I put on my uniform and I wash my hands. I wash my hands between each thing I prepare so if you are allergic to anything the food is not mixed.

Q-How do you know what to cook?

Mr Waller-I check the menu each day. It tells me what to cook each day.

Q-Who chooses what to cook?

Mr Waller-I worked with Jane to decide on a menu.

A menu is a special list of all the food.

It has choices of different food to be cooked each day for three weeks.

Q-What is your favourite job?

Mr Waller-I like baking the bread you choose from the salad bar. I like to see it rise.

Q-What is your favourite food to cook?

Mr Waller-I like eating pizza so I enjoy making pizza.


We told Mr Waller our favourite food then we gave Mr Waller a round of applause to say thank you for cooking our healthy and delicious dinners each day.



Thank you Mr Waller for our yummy lunch each day- 18.10.16

Black History Day!


At Alston we know that everyone is special. We know that we must treat everyone fairly. We try to make sure all of our friends are happy and safe at Alston Primary School.

In Reception today we listened to Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech.

It is famous for the phrase-

'I have a dream...'

In it Dr. King said everyone should be treated fairly.

In Reception we think Dr King should have been a real king with a real crown!

You can listen to his famous speech by clicking on the link below.

Martin Luther King speech: " I Have a Dream "

Education for all!.

MLK- The King and His Dream

School Project Children's story DVD drawings by: narration, editting, coloring, and script: me

Oh dear! Germs!



Today the children in Reception had a visit from the Nurse. It was very exciting! Our hands glowed!


We learnt how to wash our hands properly.

We are hygiene heroes now!

Can you see the germs glowing?

We love phonics!



Today staff from the schools and nurseries in our Cluster came to Alston.

They wanted to hear all about phonics at Alston.

It was a great opportunity to have a good chat and a look around to share some ideas about exciting phonics and our wonderful Early Years!

Yum! Yum!


This week we have been baking!

We have been learning about how to mix, stir, roll and keep safe while baking. 

We loved the yummy smells coming from the oven.

Take a look at the photos to see how much fun Reception had baking our own gingerbread men.

Look carefully to see if any of our gingerbread men ran away!

Reception children enjoyed baking their own gingerbread men this week!

Why not bake your very own Gingerbread Man ?

Click on the link to find out how.


CBBC: How to make gingerbread men

George is in the kitchen showing us how to make gingerbread men!

Gingerbread Counting!

We have had so much fun with the Gingerbread Man!

This week we have been counting and ordering with gingerbread men.

Click on the link below to share some gingerbread fun with your child.

Where is the Gingerbread Man?

This week the children in Reception have become super detectives.

They have been helping to find the missing Gingerbread Man.

He and some of his friends are hiding in our Outdoor Area.

You could help your child to talk about where things are.

Click on the link below to hear the special words we have been practising.

Then why not play a game with your child?

You could hide a favourite toy and hunt for it with your child.

Make sure you use the special words to describe where you found the toy!

Where is it?

A simple video for kids to practise the prepositions on, in and under.
Follow the links to hear more prepositions.

The Prepositions Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

Practise your Prepositions with a fun song and a very happy piece of cheese!

Can you think of different ways to be healthy?

This week the children in Reception have been thinking about different ways to keep healthy.

In PE we have been getting better at balancing in different ways.

Why not have a competition the next time the adverts are on?

Challenge the family to balance on one leg.

The children challenged themselves to do 10 squats!

Do you think you could do more?

We found out that sleeping is important too.

In school we have been thinking about eating more healthily.

There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables.

What are some of the most unusual fruits and vegetables you have eaten?

How many different ways can you think of to use fruit or vegetables?

Click on the link below to share some fun ways to be more healthy. 

Vegetable Rhymes - Best Collection of Rhymes for Children in English


Fruit Rhymes - Best Collection of Rhymes for Children in English

Fruit rhymes

Cbeebies Tikkabilla Food, Veg Face and Higgledy Pie

Tikkabilla -Join in with the actions. Have a go at making the face too! Yum!

'The Gingerbread Man'.

A traditional tale.



This week the children in Reception are sharing a wonderful traditional story. Have you read or heard 'The Gingerbread Man'?

Traditional tales have been told and retold for many years.

Can you  make a list of all the characters in the story?

Click on the link below to share one of the versions of 'The Gingerbread Man' that we have enjoyed this week.

The Gingerbread Man - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

03.10.16. Our special story this week.

'The Gingerbread Man'.


The children in Reception have enjoyed acting out the story.

You could talk to your child about the story.

Here are some ideas to help you ask your child about 'The Gingerbread Man'.

Did you enjoy the story?

What happened in the story?

Who is your favourite character?

What is your favourite part of the story?

What would you say to the characters chasing the Gingerbread Man?

How do you feel about the end of the story?

How would you change the story?



Take a look at our pictures.

Can you guess which part of the story we are showing?


04.10.16-Reception children loved using their imagination to act out our story 'The Gingerbread Man'.

Where does our food come from?

Is it a plant or an animal?

This week Reception have been thinking about where our food comes from.

lots of the children know that we can buy food from shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

We thought carefully about whether the food we eat was from a plant or an animal.

Next time you are at the supermarket or restaurant why not chat about where the food comes from.

We learnt that lots of our food comes from farms-29.09.16

We learnt that lots of our food comes from farms-29.09.16 1

We learnt all about eggs.

We learnt all about eggs. 1

Humpty Dumpty!

This week we have been singing one of our favourite rhymes.

Why not click on the link below to sing some of the rhymes we love to sing in Reception.

Humpty Dumpty

Nursery rhymes to enjoy together.

30 Minutes of Children's Nursery Rhymes. A collection British rhymes.

Classic British nursery rhymes for children.
Sing along and enjoy this 30 minute compilation.

'Oliver's Fruit Salad'. 

by Vivian French.


Reception children love fruit!

This week we have been exploring fruit by making fruit kebabs and fruit smoothies.

We shared the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad.'

It is about a boy who loves the fruit that his Grandfather grows in his garden.

The only problem is that Oliver doesn't want to eat any of the fruit his Mum buys.

Why not pop into your local library to borrow 'Oliver's Fruit Salad' to find out what happens?


How many different fruits can you name?

Next time you are at the supermarket or Greengrocer why not stop and explore the different fruit on display.

You could chat with your child about the colour, smell or taste?

There are so many different ways to eat fruit.

Maybe you could find out if you prefer fresh, tinned or frozen fruit.

Can you find other ways to use fruit?

Just look at all the fun we had making our fruit salad and fruit smoothies!

Reception fruit kebabs and smoothies-23.09.16

Learn Fruits Flashcards For Kids

Learn fruit names

Reception think vegetables are great too!

This week we have been singing a rhyme about peas.

Why not sing it together at home?

Just click on the link below.


Five Little Peas with Lyrics - Nursery Rhyme

Watch what happens to the peas!

Where Do Fruits and Vegetables Come From?

Find out where fruit and vegetables come from.

Vegetable Song for children

Learn about vegetable with our vegetable characters in a fun and easy way for kids, toddlers and preschoolers.

Parent Welcome Meeting.

Thursday 15th September 2016.

Thank you to all the Reception parents, friends and family members who attended the special meeting today. We had a super turn out.

We shared some of the ways that the Reception team will be working to help each child achieve all that they can this year. We are looking forward to working with you all to support the children's learning and development.

Take a look at the pictures and the slides to remind yourself of all the important information from the meeting.

The Reception parents, friends and families-15.09.16

Take a look at the slides from our Reception Parent Welcome Meeting. You will find important information about school routines, times and expectations.

Eid Mubarak!

to all our families

from everyone in Reception.

Today we have been thinking about a festival that our Muslim friends and families celebrated on Monday September 12th.

Alston children were invited to wear their special Eid and party clothes today so that everyone in our Alston School community could share in the celebrations.

The children in Reception looked stunning in their party clothes today.

Take a look at our photos to see what fun we had as we learned about Eid ul Adha in Reception.

Eid Party 13.09.16

Today the children in Reception shared what they did with their families

to celebrate the Muslim festival Eid ul Adha.

The children talked about Mehndi, going to mosque , visiting friends and family and eating our favourite food.

We found out that we all love to wear our special clothes when we celebrate and that Muslim families remember the story of prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael at this time.

The Story Of ZamZam - Islamic cartoon for kids

A animated story of ZamZam water - Islamic - Muslim cartoon for kids

Safety Day!


Today we had lots of fun thinking about how to keep safe.


We can use songs and rhymes to help us to keep safe when we want to cross the road.

We know how to keep safe online too.

Don't forget to check your fire alarm!

We learnt how to keep safe in lots of situations.

Take a look at how much fun we had keeping safe!

Safety Day-08.09.16

We will be learning lots and lots of exciting things this term.


Please take a look at our special letter telling you all about the wonderful things we will be thinking about in Reception this term.

PE kit reminder.


Please send your child's PE kit into school this week.

Your child's friends will all be wearing a similar PE kit.

Please remember to write your child's name in each item of clothing and in each pump.

Thank you.

A very warm welcome to Alston Reception children and families !


What an exciting day for the children and staff at Alston Primary School!

We had so much fun getting to know our new friends and teachers today.

Take a look at all the fun we have had learning lots of new things.

A poem for the first day of school.