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Parents Teacher Association 2016-17


Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association page. We hope that this will give you an idea of what our PTA is and does and will encourage you to think about putting yourself forward as a PTA member or helper.


90 Years of Alston Primary School

Our school is 90 years old in 2016.

Details of this fantastic event will be available nearer the time.

Please come to our first PTA meeting of the year on Tuesday 27th September  at 2:30 in the Community room. We will have a discussion at this first meeting of the year about meeting days and times going forward, to find something that is as convenient as possible for as many people as possible. Our goal is to be as inclusive and to keep the meetings themselves brief, informal and fun. As a group, we can brainstorm ideas and come up with a plan for this academic year.


What is the PTA?

Alston Primary School PTA is a registered charity and runs mainly as a fund-raising organisation, although does support the school in a number of practical ways also.

The PTA members help the school run events to raise funds for the school, in order to enhance their school experience, such as additional ICT equipment and playground materials. We also help support the school with funding for educational/fun school trips, such as theatre visits.



The PTA run many events throughout the year. The events not only support the school but can also help bring the local community together and help parents become more involved in the school.

Here is just a small list of some of the things we do:

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Bags to school
  • Summer Fayre

Information about events will be sent home in the form of newsletters in children's school bags.

We also support the school by providing refreshments at various events, such as sports day and new parent events. This is also a good time to get to know other parents and PTA members.

All our PTA members are friendly and approachable, we always welcome new ideas from both PTA and non-PTA members.


Who helps to run our school PTA?

Alston Primary School PTA is well supported by parents and staff from the school.

Mrs Hall, the school secretary is a great support to the PTA and regularly attends PTA meetings. There are also various members of the school staff, including teaching staff, who attend events and help support our work.

This is only a small list of those that help support the PTA, many parents and school staff members are involved and offer great support to the school. If you wish to become involved in the PTA, your support would be welcomed.


What does the PTA spend money on

Agreement is made between members of the PTA and the Management Team at the school, as to what is spent on what things.


How can I help out

  • Attend events, they are great fun and a good way of getting to know the school and other parents.
  • Talk to PTA members in the playground.
  • Offer to help out at events – even for a short period of time, or to help plan/organise things.
  • Attend our PTA meetings.





Older News

A meeting is being held on Friday 6th May at 9.00am in the Millennium Room - to talk about organising a new PTA at Alston. All parents welcome to attend.

PTA Meeting 10.05.16