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History & Geography

History and Geography.


   At Alston Primary School, we aim to ensure that all pupils have a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and how this relates to the wider world. In History and Geography, the curriculum is focussed in order to develop pupils’ understanding of the past and the world around them. It also aims to enable them to think critically, analyse judgements and evidence as well as develop their own conclusions and reflections. History and Geography also enables them to appreciate the wider society in which they live and its similarities and differences across times periods and groups.


Key Stage 1

During Key Stage 1, pupils’ vocabulary is developed in order for them to describe periods of times and arrange events in chronological order. They will be taught to describe key stories and events using topical vocabulary and start to develop their understanding of how these events are understood and represented in different sources.

   During Years 1 and 2, Alston Primary School pupils study time periods such as the ‘Great Fire of London’ and ‘The Dinosaurs’ as well as key historical figures such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Pupils also learn about the history of homes and Birmingham’s Cadbury World. This enables them to make comparisons with the present day and gain a greater insight and appreciation of their local community.

   In Geography, pupils learn about then world’s continents and oceans as well as learning and investigating about their local area. This enables them to gain a perspective on distance and an understanding of their immediate, local area and its relation to the wider community.




Key Stage 2

    During Key Stage 2, teaching aims to build upon the knowledge and skills pupils have gained during Key Stage 1. They will build upon their understanding of both British and world history and gain chronologically secure knowledge of narratives within and across different time periods.

In addition to this, pupils will also develop their ability to critically analyse sources, evaluate different and opposing responses and be able to analyse a range of texts. These skills will enable them to develop adequate and justified conclusions considering all evidence in both History and Geography.

   Furthermore, pupils will continue to develop their ability in integrating different subjects within humanities. For example, they will practise using mathematical and ICT skills within History and Geography as well as applying their literacy skills within this subject area. Teaching and learning will be focussed more on making such links as pupils move up the Key Stage.

   Within Key Stage 2, pupils learn about historical time periods such as ‘The Stone Age’, ‘The Victorians’, ‘Ancient Greece’, ‘World War 2’ and ‘The Aztecs’. This allows the children to develop their understanding of range of time periods from the most recent to ancient times.

   In Geography, pupils study features of the United Kingdom, South America, volcanoes and earthquakes as well as more intensive investigations into specific areas such as coastlines of Britain. This broad coverage enables pupils to develop insights and understanding into the world in which they live as well as develop links and understanding of the wider world.