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End of Autumn 1







For our collective worship sessions this week, we looked at the story of Elmer the Elephant and discussed feelings and emotions. The children looked at how they are different to their friends and what makes them unique and special.

Take a look at the 'Elmer' story online and read it with your child. no




Elmer the Elephant

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Physical Development Workshop



On Thursday, our parents were invited to join us in our physical development workshop. What a great turnout it was for both AM and PM classes! The parents worked with their children on fine motor skills, such as, pencil control, hole punching, cutting and threading. They also worked on gross motor skills, such as, hopping, climbing and jumping.


"I have really enjoyed myself doing different activities with Adam, such as, biking, jumping etc. It was fun."        - Parent

"My child loves it when I stay and play with her. The workshop was well organised and I would like to attend more." - Parent


Thank you to all the parents who attended. Your contribution to your child's learning is vital and your feedback is very much appreciated smiley





w/c 16/10/17


We've come to the end of the first half term, which means we've come to the end of our fabulous topic, 'Why do you love me so much?'. To 'express' what we have learnt, we made heart shaped biscuits for our loved ones. The children poured, mixed and rolled the ingredients, then cut out heart shapes from the dough before putting the biscuits in the oven to bake.

Once ready, the children decorated their biscuits with coloured icing sugar and sprinkles. They looked and smelt DELICIOUS! Well done , little bakers, we hope your special loved ones enjoyed your biscuits!


"I'm giving Malika my biscuit because she helps me everyday to change my clothes". - Eliza

"I'm giving my heart to my Daddy, because he plays musical statues with me". - Hannah





Black History Day




To celebrate Black History Day, we looked at the amazing tennis player, Serena Williams. The nursery sat together to look through information about Serena Williams and were amazed at how many beautiful trophies she has won for her super talented tennis skills!

We then collaged our own trophies and practiced to play tennis in our P.E session.




'Lost Louise'  - #innovate

w/c 9/10/17


On Wednesday morning, we found a lost teddy, called Louise, in our nursery. Louise was very sad and felt scared and alone. We discussed how we could comfort Louise and help her to find her way home.

The nursery children came up with some lovely ideas, such as, giving Louise some food as she might be hungry, smiling at her and sharing their toys to make Louise feel happy at Alston.We also made some address labels and message tags to attach to Louise in hope of getting her home.




This week was also assessment week. The nursery teachers haver been busy assessing the children on their writing skills, their physical skills, their number work and their communication and language skills. Well done to all our little stars for shining brightly in their assessments and impressing their teachers by making good progress. no




Reminders frown


* P.E - This week in our P.E sessions, the children practiced to catch a large ball. Please practice this with your child at home to develop their throwing and catching skills.


* Parent's Evening - Don't forget to book your appointments to see your child's teacher to discuss their progress in school. Parent's evening is on Wednesday 11th October (4-6pm) and Thursday 12th October (4-6pm).





Birthday Talk!

#collectiveworship #SMSC


To tie in with our learning about celebrations, wewe sat well to listen to the story, Kipper's Birthday. The children shared their experiences of their own parties and celebrations at home, which lead to the conversations of religious celebrations and festivals.


"I wear new clothes on eid". - Aleena

"On my birthday, I get presents from my mummy". - Ali


After the reading sessions, we collectively sat to sing the 'happy birthday' song and talked about how this song makes us feel.


'Marvellous Me!!'

w/c 2/20/27



To develop our fabulous topic, 'Why do you love me so much?', we looked at some of the special talents we have and the skills our amazing bodies can do. The nursery playground was filled with joy as the children worked with Mrs.Ali to show off movements, such as, jumping, hopping and rolling. they discussed how exercise makes our bodies and why our bodies are able to move in certain ways.


"My face is getting hot... and my hearts going faster.. because I was running!". - Pa Modou


As well as creating bubbles, writing in foam and counting with sticks and stones, the nursery children worked with Mrs.Court to make birthday cards for Baby Aria after talking about how they celebrate their own birthdays at home. The birthday cards were being made in preparation for the big party next week!

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"Guess how much I love you..."



During our collective worship sessions this week, we sat together to look at our new nursery rhyme, 'The wheels on the bus'. All the children joined in with the singing and hand actions and some spoke about their experiences when travelling on a bus.

To link collective worship in with our topic, we looked at the story, 'Guess how much I love you'. The children listened well and again linked the story with their home lives and home relationships.


"My mum loves me when I make he laugh" - Meher

"My mummy loves me when I be a good boy" - Ali


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Maths Masters!




On Thursday, we enjoyed celebrating Maths Day. The children were engrossed in a range of maths activities including number/shape hunts, number puppets, matching numeral to quantity, number books/songs and many more!

Check out how clever we are!!


Look who's here...!!



To kick start our new topic, 'Why do you love me so much?', we were visited by some special visitors to entice our children into learning about loving one another. The glamorous mummy, Iram Riaz, brought her precious baby girl, Aria, in to nursery to show and tell the children why and how me must love and care for our babies.

Our nursery children were overjoyed with excitement when baby Aria woke up to say hello. Aria's mummy showed us all the baby items from the baby bag as we discussed what they are used for. Baby Aria soon stone the limelight by crying very loudly for her milk! Mummy Iram showed us how to make the milk and how to feed babies.


"Why is she crying?" - Ayyub

"What's in your baby bag?" - Anam

"How do you make the milk?" - Hannah


A huge thank you to our wonderful guests, mummy Iram and baby Aria, for coming in and helping to engage our children in our lovely new topic.






Meet The Rabbit!!



This week our nursery children got the opportunity to meet our class pet rabbit, Shadow. They showed care and concern while meeting her, by walking slowly and talking in a low tone around her. The children discussed how to treat pets and also had a choice to stroke her if the wanted to. Well done to the children for being so gentle with Shadow, and well done to shadow for being so brave while meeting all the new faces heart




.......And we're in!!!

W/c 11.9.17


We are super excited to have our final group of nursery children are in! Although a few children are still overcoming their tears, the majority have now settling in extremely well no. The children have had an amazing time playing in coloured sand and glitter water. Along with a range of activities, they also showed how well they could handle their pens/pencils by doing some independent writing.

Amongst all the excitement of getting to know the children and their shining personalities, Mrs Court and Mrs Ali have been busy assessing the children on their personal, social and emotional development, their physical development, their communication and language skills, their writing and their number work. Well done to all the children for doing so well in their assessments and handling all the changes going on around them smiley.


Now that all our tiny treasures are all in....let's do this!! Academic year 2017-2018, here we come!


Hello Everybody!!!!

W/c 4.9.17


Welcome to our nursery class page! Our new nursery children have been very brave in leaving their mummies and daddies and are settling in beautifully. Despite a few tears, our lovely little ones have displayed enjoyment while moving around their setting and are beginning to learn new rules and routines too. They have been busy indoors playing with play dough, cutting, drawing and counting objects. Outdoors, the children have splashed in bubbly water, played with dinosaurs and have practiced balancing on tree trunks.


This week, as part of safety day, we looked at road safety and role played this in our playground after watching video clips on how to stay safe outdoors.


Thank you to all the parents for co-operating with us and helping your children tom settle so well. WE look forward to working closely this year heart


Meet the Teachers


Mrs Court





Mrs Ali