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D.T- Creating a Shelter


6S really enjoyed designing, creating and evaluating their shelters.

Many of the shelters successfully completed the challenge.





Well Done 6S.

Maths Day- Thursday 7th January

Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 1
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 2
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 3
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 4
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 5
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 6
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 7
Maths Day-                              Thursday 7th January 8

Christmas Fayre

11th December 2015


Please don't forget we will be holding our Christmas Fayre on:

Friday 11th December from 1.30pm.


You can collect your children from the classroom at 1.30pm and take them to the fayre. Any children that are

not collected will not be able to attend the fayre and will stay in their classes.

There will be a 50p charge for adults on entrance.

We look forward to seeing you all and taking part on the many stalls and games plus this year we are even having a Candy Floss Machine!!!!!

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Special Christmas Assembly

4th December 2015


Birmingham City Mission delivered a fantastic assembly explaining the importance of Christmas.

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Importance of Christmas

1st December 2015


Class 6S enjoyed a special RE lesson on the importance of Christmas. We learnt that our names had special meanings and we must always share and care for each other.

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Saltley Plus Reading Challenge

Wednesday 18th November


Children eagerly awaited for today's Reading Challenge. After weeks of competing with each other, five children from each class competed against each other to try and correctly answer as many questions as possible about the book, Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert C. O'Brien. 

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Black History Day

Friday 2nd October


In year six we have been learning about Martin Luther King. He was a Baptist minister and one of the most important leaders who led peaceful protests to fight for equality during the 1960s. He hoped that America and the world could become a colour-blind society where race would not impact a person's civil rights. . Martin Luther King may be best remembered for his famous “I Have a Dream” speech issued on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He is considered one of the great public speakers of modern times and his speeches still inspire many to this day.




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Performance Poetry

Wednesday 23rd September


During the last week in English we have been learning about poetry. Firstly, we looked at a poem by John Drinkwater called 'I want to know'. We discussed how the language used impacted the reader and then used this to write our own versions of John Drinkwater's poem.


Today we looked at a poem called Mcavity. We began to learn the verses by heart then performed the poem to the class.

Weston Park


On Tuesday 15th September we visited Weston Park as part of our topic study. We had the opportunity to experience what life was like for children at home in Britain during World War Two. We created our own gas masks and viewed a collection of authentic gas masks - including one for a baby, toddler and child. We experienced an Air Raid and visited an Anderson shelter to discover what conditions were really like. 

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We would like to welcome children and parents from 6S to our class page!


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