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Today’s Star of the week is Idrees Ahmed   with his emotional English piece of work ‘I am Idrees’ Mrs Simpson harrowing voice deafened my ears as she screamed “Bombs were dropping”. Miss Shaw told us we were sat on the coach as it drove; it was as fast as light. I was sweating, my lips are dry I wanted to talk. As we got on the plane my soul was ripped apart.

How emotional was that?


100 per cent attendance


In 5s we had Amaan  Ahmed, Sofia Arshad,  Aisha Ali, Usman  Azib,   Faizan Uddin,  Hadijah Rahman, Mariam and   Aahil Jamil. In 5s we are very proud of these children for coming to school every day.



In English we have been reading ‘Oranges in no man’s land’ by Elizabeth Laird. It is set in Lebanon. The main character is called Ayesha and there has been Bombs hitting Lebanon. It’s a wonderful read, I really recommended it! Anyways, Ayesha has two brothers Latif and Ahmed. When the war started it was a Civil War which means the same country fighting. Then there house got hit and there Mama died- very emotional so far!


Today in our lesson, studying Oranges in no man’s land. We found out that Granny’s medicine has all gone. So there are lots of people gathering around her. Anyway back to Ayesha, she has made a new friend, who is deaf, named Samar. Ayesha can now understand sign language. Mrs Zainab always knows how to make Granny happy. She went to the militiaman to get cooking oil for her family sadly, she left empty handed. What will happen next?


Speller Star of the week is Kiyan, because he has improved in his Spelling Test Score he scored the top marks we all were very proud of him.


Glossary of Oranges in no man land

InshAllah=If Allah (God) wills it to happen

Habibiti=My Love

Green line=An Invisible line that separates the Town.

Ya Qalbi=My Heart

Wallah= Arabic phrase meaning I swear to Allah (God)

Camouflage = you’re the same as your surroundings.

Civil War = When there is a war between the same country and different people for their own reason.


Ancient Greece

In Topic we have left the Victorians. This week we looked at Sparta and Athens (the two states of Ancient Greece). Greece are the 1st in the basketball tournaments in Europe, and 4th in the world. Wow.



For the month we are listening to Elvis Presley. He wanted a bike for his Birthday but instead his mother gave him a guitar for his birthday so that what inspired Elvis Presley to become a Musician he was poor then he became very Rich also he lived in a Mansion. That shows hard work and courage also determination leads to success. He married Priscilla and then she divorced him.


Today in maths we were doing converting Improper fraction to mixed fractions it was challenging but we all understood it in the end -  that was fantastic.




Today in English we were learning about Powerful Similes in ‘Oranges in no man’s land’ we made it on chapter fourteen anyway Usman Azib, which is me, thought of a good simile which was

 1. Not a soul to be seen like a hyena cave.

 2. I can smell death like a lion pouncing after me.

3. I felt the bullet coming like touching a Tyrannosauruses teeth.

4. I can see plastic bags acting like pterodactyls eating me.

Here is some from Shariq Ahmed.he could have some like mine.

  1. Not a smell to be seen like a Hyena cave

2.I can sniff blood as a bullet was following me.

3. I can see the broken glass looking as a chainsaw was following me.


4. I felt the bullet coming like I was going to touch the t-rex teeth.


5. I can see plastic bags acting like pterodactyls going to eat me.

 6. The floor I tasted was like death.

7. I can hear the baby trees moving to me.

Well Done to Shariq Ahmed and Usman Azib also me.


Signing off for now - Usman!




Maths Day. (Photos below)


On Tuesday 12th January, 5S took part in lots of practical maths activities. Each pupil belonged to a team, and completed a mathematical treasure hunt among other exciting and interesting investigations!


Well done 5S for fair play, and working together collaboratively!


Miss Shaw

Sofia’s supreme blog

Hello everybody I am Sofia, your new blogger!


This week we have been learning about refugees and how awful the lives are that some of them have, how sad! We had a big shock when Mrs Simpson dashed in, alarmed, saying something had happened in Birmingham - we have become refugees (all for the purposes of creative writing of course!) The definition of a refugee is a person who is homeless because they have been persecuted, and have been taken away from their country because it has been bombed or something equally horrific! A big round of applause for Aahil Jamil. He produced outstanding work; writing an emotional story about life as a refugee, you had us all in tears - well done!


We have taken a new road to fractions! It was the way to a new world, an educational world! Miss Shaw was at her strictest this time making us do fractions without giving us any information for our work about fractions! On Thursday, we were reminded about equivalent fractions. Aisha Ali and Aamina Jamil worked really hard! Shariq Ahmed was the boss of the lesson! I hope everyone had fun! After the results everybody worked really hard and understood it, we are becoming a WHOLE lot better - fraction pro’s!


Victorians is out, ancient Greece is in! On Thursday we used atlases to find out where Greece is on the map. We looked at the differences between modern Greece and Greece today. Mr. Meehan told us a story about ancient Greece – an exciting start to our topic! Year 5 have a new challenge, PROJECTS! I can’t wait to start mine and show Miss Shaw!

100% attendance

An extreme well done to the children who had the 100% award and a big big Thank you to Miss Sherlock for organising it all! We all massively enjoyed the movie which was ‘The good dinosaur!’ We devoured toffee popcorn, fun Freddos and a delightful drink! My friend Aamina and I were chomping on the toffee popcorn and slurping the delicious drinks - deeeeeeeelicious!!!!! Make sure you come into school every day if you want a treat like this, and we might get extra treats if we are lucky!

A very nice reminder, to be kind and honest! Think about how your words make other people feel and always be as generous as you can!

That’s it from Sofia, the fabulous blogger, see you soon!






I hope that you are all looking forward to returning back to school - I know I am. Believe it or not, I've missed you all! 


We will be reading 'Oranges in no mans land' by Elizabeth Laird this half term - you're all in for a treat, A gripping novel!


A small change to our weekly timetables; P.E will now be taught on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure your kit is in school.


A few gentle reminders; homework is given on Fridays to be completed and handed back in by the following Wednesday. Our weekly spelling test is on a Friday afternoon, and reading books must be brought into school EVERY DAY. Your books will be changed on Tuesdays after school and given back to you on Wednesdays, however if I have a spare 5 minutes, I love to listen to you read and comment in your reading diaries. Please have your books and dairies in school so I can have this opportunity available at any given time. Year 5's must be reading at home every day.


I'm really excited about the new spring term and looking forward to seeing you all on TUESDAY.

 (Teacher training on Monday)!


Miss Shaw





Picture 1



This post is written by one of the proudest teachers in the world!

Year 5 readers WON the reading competition against all the other schools!


The team of 5 year 5's travelled to Leigh Primary School to compete against other participating schools in the Saltly Consortium. As the questions got tougher, our children didn't melt under pressure but instead shone to victory. All 5 children were greeted with massive 'hipp hipp horrays' when they arrived back in school.


Well done year 5 - you really are superstars!


Miss Shaw (beaming with pride).

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 5S!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 5S!  1
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 5S!  2
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 5S!  3
Picture 1



This afternoon, 5S discussed the qualities of a good friend; how we can be the best friend possible and what we look for in our friends. The children we able to talk about the traits of a bad friend as well. We noted these  down on post it notes, and displayed them in class. Some of the children used this information to produce colourful friendship posters.


The children then learnt and performed a Poem by Eric Finney called 'conversation with insults.' This poem was very thought provoking for the children, questioning the effects of our words and actions on other people. I will post a video of the performance tomorrow - its a corker of a performance by our budding thespians!


Well done for your insight and honesty today 5S!


Miss Shaw   

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Children in year 5 were very excited to take part in the next round of the Saltley reading challenge today.

Five class winners from each year 5 class joined in the millennium room for three rounds of intense comprehension and inference questioning.

Even though only Five children could go through to the next round, all 15 children made their teachers and class very proud. The children had to think quickly to answer tough questions - the atmosphere in the room was very tense.


The winners are proudly standing with their book in this photo.


Keep checking for updates from the next round - wish all the readers luck !


Well done year 5!




The children of 5S are very proud to tell you all about Unicef and the work that Alston School have been doing this week; for the rights of children around the world. We have been discussing why children need rights, what can sometimes stop children from having these rights and most importantly of all, what these rights actually are.


On Friday we will be logging into Twitter, to ask question and read comments from Unicef - we are very excited about this.


Watch this space for more comments and pictures !


Miss Shaw



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Picture 5

Ruqia’s Brilliant Blog


Today in English we are learning about the Victorians. We researched about the workhouses a week ago. Did you know that the master used to whip the children just for little wrong-doings? That is horrific! Today we were writing a balanced argument to close the workhouse but we had to write the facts about it to stay open. We used our draft book to draft a letter to parliament and we had to pretend that we were professional and formal Parliament Ministers.


In maths we are learning about angles, it was extremely hard and we used protractors. We learned 4 different types of angles: right-angle, obtuse-angle, acute-angle and last but not least, reflex-angle. The hardest part was when we had to measure the angles of a triangle with a non-triangular protractor.





Star of the week!

The star of the week is …KYAN DONALDSON!

He has been chosen because he has been so good and impressed Miss Shaw with his outstanding English work. He wrote a balanced argument. He used so much expression that Miss Shaw said that he blew her mind! Wow! Not anyone can impress Miss Shaw.


In science we are learning about different types of materials and all the characteristics about them. We listed all the different types of materials and all the characteristics about them in bullet points. After we did one paragraphs about what materials we used to make the classroom and all the furniture and features and another one on why we picked these materials and the characteristics. We also learned these with our teacher Miss Mujana who comes in every Wednesday to teach us science.  


In sports we are learning basketball and the skills about them. We do this with Mr Wells every Tuesdays and our normal teacher Miss Shaw every Mondays teaches us skills such as balancing. Sporty isn’t it?


Today in topic we are learning about the Victorian crime and punishment and their record. It was really gruesome and they got punished no matter what the age was, whether the criminal was a toddler or an old man. We looked at some of their records, punishment and why they were punished. There was no mercy in the Victorian times. After studying the records, we answered questions about the various sources – very interesting!


Harold the giraffe

Harold the giraffe is in Alston primary every year group except year five and six. It’s the younger guys turn now! They can’t wait. Harold only comes once a year entertaining and teaching children about safety and rights and wrongs. We are ecstatic, I hope the lower years have a great time with him!    


School council

Maymoona Ayaz in 5S is having a meeting on Tuesday 17th November. We don’t know what it is about but it must be something exciting! It is a mystery that no one except the school council will know but Maymoona might tell us and we never know when.




The new blogger

 Today is my last day as a blogger because I’ve my chance, but don’t worry as a new blogger is in town! It’s Aisha Ali! She will be the blogger now! I hope you like her. She is a very intelligent and funny classmate!


Hopefully catch you around school – signing off for now!

By Ruqia Gul 5S




Inspire workshop - Hints and tips for parents.

A big thank you to all of the Mums, Dads, Aunties and Uncles that attended the reading inspire workshop on Tuesday 10th November! The children's enthusiasm for reading is higher than ever after your support.


I really enjoyed speaking to the adults about their reading habits and how the love of reading can be passed on to our children. Inspiring children to read is the responsibility of all adults, and at school reading is the heart of everything.

Here are some hints and tips for reading at home -  however we welcome any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher or teaching assistants at any time.


Thank you.

The year 5 team.

Our brilliant blogger this week-

Ruqia Gul                                                  

Titled: The flamboyant learning in 5S!


In English we are writing balanced arguments with a fascinating book called “Street child.” It was very difficult; on the other hand we tried really hard and got on with it really well. Two children called Aisha Ali and kiyan Donaldson in 5s are role playing the street child in Lesson today (Monday). I think that kiyan is being more persuasive than Aisha. Aasha Raja and Samuel Regan are also debating using street child.  Samuel is making a great statement. Sofia Arshad and Jayden Regan are in the same role play and Sofia is on fire!


Maths was really interesting because we measured in mm, cm, m and km. Most struggled however we got on with it. In the middle we had a small break, the work was really hard sometimes and really easy other times, so it was in the middle.





On Tuesday we were learning about drugs. There are two types of drugs, legal drugs and illegal drugs. Did you know that legal drugs kill more people than illegal drugs! That was the most shocking thing anyone has ever heard but it is true. If you have illegal drugs you might get addicted to it and it will corrupt your mind, so let this be a warning to you, DON’T HAVE ILLEGAL DRUGS!!If someone offers you drugs say no.

Star of the week!

Today we have a star of the week and it is Fatima!

She won star of the week because of her fantastic work in English. What a star! Her parents would be proud. Its hats off to her. She wrote the opening of a chapter in the Victorian times. The story was called “Street child.”


Two girls, Maymoona Ayaz and Aasha Raja had been selected for a golden opportunity to take part in a football tournament with the girl’s football team. They already passed a tournament against the Montgomery school and they are going to the finals! Aasha was astonished that she got chosen because this was her first tournament.




School council

Maymoona Ayaz has been given an elite opportunity to become 5S’s school council member. She was ecstatic because this opportunity comes once every year, she was voted for by the class – with a democratic election. Lucky her! She had her first few meetings and it was a success. Now she’s thinking about how to make golden time better, if we’re lucky she might even extend golden time!


Green Team

Shariq Ahmed has been nominated to be the new, special Green Team member of the school. His job is to make the school eco-friendly and to help the school not to litter and to stop wasting electricity. That’s a big job, bigger than the school council jobs combined. They are like the school council but they have to work on to make the school neat and tidy. 


Signing off until next time –

Your favourite blogger - Ruqia! J

Year 5 Maths- Converting Measures- 18.10.2015


This week we will be looking at measurement, with a focus on converting measures. Take a look at this 'chuckle vision' TV clip to see the types of things we mean. Then see if you can complete the questions below. 



























click here:


Picture 1

Black History Day

Friday 2nd October 2015


The children in year 5 have been learning about the inspirational and influential Mary Seacole today. We have been truly blown away by her courage and kind nature! Mary Seacole stood up for her beliefs, despite racial prejudice.  Mary's intention was to volunteer her services to Florence Nightingale, who was setting up a hospital in the Crimea.

Even on the journey to England Mary encountered prejudice: as a Creole (with a white father and a black mother) she was considered of inferior status.

When she applied to the War Department in London to join Florence Nightingale as a nurse, she was turned away with the weak excuse that no more nurses were needed...although Mary was under no illusion that she was being rejected because of her colour.

So Mary decided to travel to the Crimea and build her own hospital and in spite of hearing stories about the harsh conditions she would encounter in the Crimea, she was determined to carry out her plans.

I’m sure your children will have plenty to talk about this weekend!

Wonderful work today year 5!

We look forward to meeting you on parents evening on Thursday 1st October 2015.

Year 5 Safety Day Friday 18th September - We created a news report and had great fun using I-Pads to scan QR codes to find out safety facts!


Photos of 5S to follow soon!  

A great day; lots of hard work completed. 

Stay safe year 5! 

Miss Shaw 

Eid Mubarak

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday, enjoy your celebrations,


Looking forward to seeing you on Monday for the Eid party, in the afternoon. 


The Year 5 team.

P.E tomorrow! 


A quick reminder 5S, we have PE on Mondays AND Fridays.


Please don't forget your Kit. 


Thank you! 

Miss Shaw

Spellings for this week.

Test date: Friday 25th September. 

Remember - first copy, then cover, and spell. Repeat repeat repeat !


Purple and Green

 Yellow and Red




























Week 2. Performance poetry.


The children have thrown themselves into our topic this week, showing off their wonderful performance skills! 

I have attached a Poem by Max Boyce - Ode to Barry Island, which the children found very comical - and took inspiration from to write their own nostalgic comedy poem. 


Please ask your children about the poem, I'm sure that they will have lots to say! 


Looking forward to seeing more poetic talent this week year 5!


Miss Shaw. 


Max Boyce - Ode to Barry Island.


I remember Miner's Fortnight when I was just a lad 
We'd go to Barry Island, the weather always bad 
In a brand new shirt and shoes that hurt, 
The one's mam saved to buy

 To go to Barry Island on that last week in July. 

We'd catch a Western by the square, my bucket in my hand 
Then all the fuss to get on the bus and we always had to stand 
Then I'd be sick 
And my shoes I'd kick, 
The ones mam saved to buy 
To go to Barry Island on that last week in July. 

They'd put me by the driver’s seat for me to 'ave some air 
And my mother'd say 
"He's never this way" 
She'd come and comb my hair 
Then I'd see the sea and I'd want to pee 
And if I couldn't I'd cry 
When we went to Barry Island on that last week in July. 

Our caravan, "The Waters Edge", 10 miles from the sea! 
And we'd drag the cases over and we didn't have the key. 
We couldn't light the gas lamp, I've gone and marked my tie 
When I went to Barry Island on that last week in July. 

I'm on the beach, It's Sunday 
I've got a friend called Russ 
I'll 'ave to buy another bucket, 
Left mine on the bus. 
I've cut my foot, It's bleedin
My cousin says, "You'll die" 
And we'll bury you in Barry Island on the last week in July. 

I'm going to the fair tonight, my bucket full of o' shells 
The weather forecast's settled now, with dry and sunny spells. 
I've brought Mamgu a present and I'd wave the sea goodbye 
My mother's found my plastic mac and the weather's nice and dry 
Aye, that's how I remember Miner's Fortnight, when I was just a lad 
I went to Barry Island and the weather always bad


First week back! 


A big warm welcome to my Year 5 class. I am very proud to be a new member of Alston's teaching staff, and very excited for the coming academic year. After only a few days with 5S, we have learnt so much about each other and formed great working relationships. 


For our first week back, the children have been studying the author Betsy Byars, who wrote fantastic children's books such as 'The Midnight Fox.' The children have been researching her life, career, family and interests - learning how wonderful she really is! 


Keep up the wonderful work 5S! 


Miss Shaw