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Hi everybody,

There’s only one more week until the half-term holidays! 5N hope that Mrs New and Charlie are having a fantastic time chilling out! You probably have a lot of baby duties to get through Miss!

In our English lessons we have finished reading Oranges in No Man’s Land. 5N are now writing the same story but in Ayesha’s best friend, Samar’s point of view. We have planned and drafted the story so far and we will write it up in neat next week. Hopefully the presentation and content will be stunning!

In Maths we have been looking at percentages. Percentages are very important because they can come in use in reality. We have been finding percentages of amounts, equivalent fractions to percentages and shopping percentages. 5N had experienced that moment when it just clicked!

Congratulations to Naila for her fantastic effort in Maths and endless hard work, also Hana who has applied amazing similes that will make your heart melt from last week!

For the Ancient Greece project our topic for this week is to write about another myth and explain the inner meanings of it.

The riddle of the week

What has 4 eyes but can’t see?

Good luck on the riddle! That’s it for this week, I guess.

Until next time!

Aryadas, 5N Blogger


Hi everybody,

I hope everybody has had a fantastic week!

For our English lessons this week we’ve been focusing on reading the rest of our class story, ‘Oranges in no Man’s Land’. The end of the story makes you feel a tangled ball of emotions. Elizabeth Laird, the author, has written such an emotional story! We wrote a short recount as if we were an ambulance driver in our local area and the emotions that we would be experiencing.

In Maths we have been converting decimal numbers into fractions. Remember a tenth is one place from the decimal point, a hundredth two places and a thousandth three places. Here’s a question based on the Math’s we have done:

Emma says 0.98 is the same as 98/ 1000. Is she right? Explain why. If you think you know the answer come to me to see if you’re right. Deadline: Wednesday 3rd of February.

In Topic we read a Greek myth based on Pandora’s Box. It was very magical. A myth always seems to fascinate a human. Hope is something we should all have inside of us. Don’t let curiosity get the better of you. Those are the morals that 5N have got from this story. Our Ancient Greece topic for this week is to research Greek Myths.

On 27th January it was Holocaust day, Holocaust day is to remember the millions of Jewish people who were killed. People light candles to remember them.

That sums up this week… I guess…

See you!


Hi everybody,

We have had a great week! 5N hope Mrs New and Charlie have also had a fantastic week.  Did you know what was special about Monday 18th January? The children in 5N should know, so if you know report your answer to me before Thursday!  Congratulations to Kiran who has answered the riddle correctly. She has received a small prize as her reward.

In English we described a very kind and gentle person in our class story and answered a few questions about the chapters that we had read. Trust me the story is getting tenser by the minute! We can hardly wait for next Monday to hear what happened to the main character.

We continued with fractions for our Maths lessons this week. We learnt about converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. We also multiplied fractions by whole numbers. For the mathematicians out there here’s a question:

3 x 4  3/8=   find it out!

For topic we were learning about the difference between Athens v Sparta. Just to let you know, Athens v Sparta is the subject to cover for our Ancient Greece project this week.

The week has come to an end now. AND THE FINALE…

Riddle of the week:

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in 100 years?


Hi Everybody,

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! I’m sure 5N did have a great holiday. It’s 2016, everyone! It’s a fresh new term and we are ready to learn! We all hope Mrs New and Charlie have had a fantastic holiday!

On Tuesday for English we researched about Malala, using the I-pads. We discovered lots of information about her fund and some very powerful quotes.’ One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world’. Wow! She actually provided resources for a flooded school in Punjab. In the Maths lesson we were finding fractions of an amount. It was 50/50 but I’m sure with a little bit more practice they’ll be alright.

On Wednesday we had a fabulous English lesson. Mrs Simpson burst into our classroom and exclaimed that Birmingham was under attack. We were staring at her in awe. After this drama we realised we had just experienced what it would feel like to know that you’re a refugee now.  In the Maths lesson we were sequencing fractions. Fractions are a hard topic so it’s best to practise a lot on that. In the afternoon we used the I-pads to research about Ancient Greece. We were going to do a project about Ancient Greece over the next 3 and 4 weeks so good luck! This week we’re focusing on the title page.

On Thursday we drafted our refugee story including lots of emotive language and clauses. We did 6 paragraphs and by the end of the lesson we could hardly feel our hands. We recapped fraction sequencing as we found it a little bit hard on Wednesday. In the afternoon we were doing a very interesting RE lesson. It was all about the truth. We were to give advice to six people involved in the a crime.  See you guys!


If a hunter shot one bird from ten, how many would be left?

Deadline: Wednesday 27th January.

Hello 5N,

I hope that you are all well and working hard. I love reading the star blog; I can't wait for the next entry. Charlie and I have been doing really well. I have been taking him to some baby classes and he has started smiling and even laughing although only very occasionally. I will send some photos in soon. Keep updating the blog! Take care, Mrs. New.




Hi everyone! It’s the last week before the glorious Christmas holidays and 5N have really had a blast this half-term! Even though we had to do our English and Maths this week it was fun and that is what matters. So I’ll just skip straight onto the fun this week! On Thursday we were all in our fabulous party clothes, ready to have the time of our lives! We started off doing arts and crafts: making Christmas cards, colouring festive pictures, making our own decorated calendar for the New Year. I cannot believe that 2016 is just round the corner! As they say, ‘Time flies by when you’re having fun’.  After all the arts and crafts we went over to the ICT suite to do our DT work. Using a software called 2D Primary we created our own Christmas card cover, it was tricky to adjust the tools on the programme but we managed it. In the afternoon we went to watch The Modern Christmas Carol play by the Drama and Choir club. It was very interesting and sent an important message to all of us. When it’s Christmas or the holidays it’s a time of kindred spirits and joy. Congratulations to the clubs for pulling off a great performance. Overall a fantastic day for 5N.

On Friday we had a half day but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! It was Christmas jumper day and we each donated 50p to the Lauren’s Charity. Lauren is a girl diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was very thoughtful of the school to raise money for those children. We had a splendid last week at school. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This is a message to Mrs New from the whole class: We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your family. We are all so eager to see you and cute little Charlie, we cannot wait! We all miss you so much! I must say the majority of children have said that Charlie can melt their hearts in the blink of an eye! Charlie is as cute as you! I can’t help but go on about Charlie! We all once want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  See you after the holidays, I guess!


Hi Everybody!

Welcome back! Hope everybody’s well! 5N can’t believe that there’s only one week left till Christmas holidays! Ooh, can’t wait! On Monday we started off with our normal routine, English. We recapped on our comprehension skills again, as they say practice makes perfect. For our Maths lesson we were recalling our multiplication and division facts in preparation for Tuesday’s lesson. Also in the afternoon Malaika and Arya went to visit Mr Walliams the famous author, and the legend signed his latest book, Malaika said,’ I was so shy to meet him, he asked what my name and age was’. It was a wonderful experience.

The key to multiplication and division success is INVERSE! For ICT we completed a sports related survey for Mr Green to enhance our PE lessons. After ICT we prepared something very exciting indeed! We had to create gorgeous Christmas hoops on behalf of 5N to decorate in the halls. We were ecstatic! We all created a Christmas related decoration for the Christmas tree. They look splendid, I must say. We continued this Tuesday afternoon as well!

For English, on Tuesday we described our feelings on how we would feel if our loved ones or pet had been taken away from us. Like how you would feel if you left your family from somewhere abroad… very heart-breaking indeed! In RE we summarised the Christmas Story. Ever so merry!

In English on Wednesday we wrote a passage on the emotions Tom would experience during him carrying out the brave rescue!  We were dividing by 10, 100, 1000 in the Maths lesson. Just move the decimal place how many times you need to! In topic we investigated a major city in the British Isles and created a brochure on it in our pairs.

On Thursday we took notes on how to write a newspaper report by interviewing Tom and his Uncle and briefly planned our newspaper report. In maths we used the bus stop method to help with division. The bus stop method is the handiest for large numbers. We did a science investigation on thermal conductivity. It was intriguing!

On Friday, it was the day we were all waiting for: the Christmas Fayre! Everybody was bursting with excitement! To add the Christmas touch we were all in non-uniform. You wouldn’t see a face without a smile! The fayre turned out to be a huge success! We raised a lot of money as a school! We were glad to see so many parents join in as well! Well, what a week! Adios, everybody, until next week!

Malaika meets David Walliams

Malaika meets David Walliams 1
Malaika and Arya from 5N met David Walliams at Waterstones.  They enjoyed meeting him and even received a signed copy of his new book.

Christmas Hoops from 5N

Christmas Hoops from 5N 1
Christmas Hoops from 5N 2
Christmas Hoops from 5N 3
Well done to 5N for creating their own Christmas Hoops for the Christmas Fayre.  They worked collectively as a team in creating the hoops.


Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone enjoyed this week. If Mrs New is reading this we’d just like to say an enormous thank you to you for sending those heart-melting pictures. Charlie is so adorable and so cute! The girls would all melt if they met him in person! However, the boys would love a game of footie with him when he’s older! A message from 5N is that we’re happy to hear that you’re still your glamorous self!

I have another piece of wonderful news, Alston Primary School is over the moon. On Thursday the 3rd of December 5 children from each year group Year 3, 4, 5, and 6 took part in the Saltley plus reading challenge. On behalf of Year 5 Shaye (5N), Amna (5N), Arya (5N) Ruqia (5S) and Ikran(5F)participated, in the competition, feeling butterflies in their stomachs. They went to Leigh Primary School who were hosting the grand event. Congratulations! They won with 16 points and lead by 6 points, they were on the roll!

On Monday we learnt about irony in English and recounted times in our lives when we had heard or used irony. It was hilarious listening to everybody’s stories! In our Maths lesson we did some really hard multiplication calculations and let’s be honest, we’ve improved a lot! It wasn’t a struggle for Mrs Virk to mark at all. Tick, tick, tick! For ICT we researched the famous conductor, composer and pianist Benjamin Britten. We typed all our information on Microsoft Word. They look splendid!

 What a great start to the week!

On Tuesday for English we answered comprehension questions about the Midnight Fox and we loved scanning the text to find the correct answer. For RE we considered what our aims are in the near future. It was inspiring to hear everyone’s targets in their future. In PE lesson we played another game of Tag Rugby with Mr Green, remember to bring your PE kits on Tuesday and Friday. Sport is not only about physical power but team co-ordination and perseverance. On Wednesday we had a fun and creative lesson as we were designing our own comic strip based on a few events in the Midnight Fox. We continued with multiplication and they just improve, don’t they?

On Thursday we had another imaginative English lesson. This is what gives school the extra touch. We were to draft a play script in our groups between two friends falling out using the format of a script. In Maths we moved onto a harder topic: multiplying Decimals. It was a first go but the point with repeating is to improve, isn’t it? We had an afternoon of peace and quiet with Guided Reading. That’s all for this week! Signing off… Aryadas, 5N Blogger

Hello 5N,

I hope that you all are well and are working hard. I love your new blog on the school website. Who is writing it? Is it a secret? 

Charlie and I are starting to settle into a routine together and he is even starting to sleep at night times occasionally! He is a very good boy though and doesn't cry too much! Thought you all might like a picture. I will come into school soon to see you all.


Be good,


Mrs. New







Hi everybody!

Hi Mrs New, hope you’re well! We miss you a lot but we’re always thinking of you!

First of all on Friday we had an intense reading competition between Year 5. You could feel the butterflies in their stomachs. From the 5 children in our class 3 got through to the next round. The next round is competing against 15 other schools! Congratulations to Shaye, Amna and Arya!

On Monday we had an assembly on Anti-bullying and Friendship. We learnt all the different types of bullying and how to prevent this school from hurting others.’ A friend in need is a friend indeed’. For English we answered a few questions on the comprehension based on the Midnight Fox. We discussed our answers as a table and retrieved information from the text as well.  5N brushed up on their times tables skills in the Maths lesson. They sure did have fun too. We did picture puzzles as well as practice on learning it by heart. In ICT we deciphered and enciphered codes! How exciting! We also finished off our plan of the Spanish Market too. Great!

On Tuesday we did our PSHE lesson, we learnt about the different emotions in alternative situations. For example: jealousy, hatred, happiness, humour, hate, confusion etc. we had an artistic English lesson too. We were to draw our own birds’ eye view plan of a farm. I must say there are some talented children in 5N. In the afternoon we had a wonderful time.  The lesson was based on a poem called’ A conversation of insults’. What a hilarious poem! In pairs we recited out the poem adding our own little funky twists as well. Absolutely hilarious! Here are a few lines” Who do you think you’re staring at? You. You look mad in those specs”.

Wednesday morning we attended the assembly. As Achiever of the week Kiran Naz was chosen for her excellent work in English. She always concentrates and produces some fantastic work in her writing. What a splendid child! For Maths we brushed up again on the different times tables. Every day we’re improving! For the Comprehension lesson we answered questions about a funny poem called Manners. A very coincidental poem indeed! In the English lesson we put ourselves in the shoes of the Midnight Fox and described the scene when the fox hunts for its prey. It really included a lot of description and emotion too. You needed a lot of effort to try your best at that work. As part of our Anti-bullying week we made some very colourful and informative posters about friendship. They look amazing! The effort put into the posters is enormous! We spent the whole afternoon on the posters. Our teacher is too amazed to even choose a winner!

For English on Thursday we drafted a poem about the fox and took a lot of effort into writing it. Also, Thursday was the last day on the maths times tables. We did our weekly session of Guided Reading too, which is in complete silence. A great week so far!

Don’t forget our class motto!

Thanks for reading. Signing off, 5N’s blogger

Children in year 5 were very excited to take part in the next round of the Saltley reading challenge today.

Five class winners from each year 5 class joined in the millennium room for three rounds of intense comprehension and inference questioning.

Even though only Five children could go through to the next round, all 15 children made their teachers and class very proud. The children had to think quickly to answer tough questions - the atmosphere in the room was very tense.


The winners are proudly standing with their book in this photo.


Keep checking for updates from the next round - wish all the readers luck !


Well done year 5!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


We’ve had an amazing start to the week. It’s true, Mondays might not be your favourite day but it had looked like 5N all woke up on the right side of the bed! We started our new English book ‘The Midnight Fox’ written by the famous Betsy Byars. The book mainly describes Tom’s feelings about going to the’ crummy, old farm’. However he is guilt-tripped into going so the farm it is…

Multiples and Factors aren’t much of a struggle for 5N. But if one peer needs help then our class is always eager to help.

 On Tuesday for PSHE we studied about the importance of friendship.  Through both bad times and good we will always stay together. For example the strong bond between Woody and Buzz, Shrek and Donkey and Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera. For English we acted a drama on a particular scene in the Midnight Fox, between Aunt Millie, Uncle Fred and Tom. A few of the characters were actually lifelike. We enjoyed that very much indeed. Topic was interesting too. We researched information about Queen Victoria. Did you know she had 9 children, 37 grand-children and 40 grand-children? There were some mind-blowing biographies written in the class. We might display a few.

One of the main reasons our week got off to such a terrific start is because on the Sunday 15th of November Charlie New was born. We wish Mrs New, Charlie and John all the best for the future.

5N Motto  

T ogether




5N Blogger

Dear children in 5N,


I just wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for all of your lovely gifts, cards and homemade presents that you gave me yesterday. The performances were so special as well as your wonderful singing. I feel truly very lucky to have taught such a special class as yourself.


Please keep up all of the hard work while I am away and make sure that your behaviour remains exemplary be being good for your new teacher. I will come in and see you when the baby is born.


Take care,

Mrs. New

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you have a wonderful half term.  If you go out trick and treating remember to take an adult with you.

Stay safe, have fun and I will see you on Monday. From Mrs. New



Year 5 Maths- Converting Measures- 18.10.2015


This week we will be looking at measurement, with a focus on converting measures. Take a look at this 'chuckle vision' TV clip to see the types of things we mean. Then see if you can complete the questions below. 



























click here:


Black History Day

Friday 2nd October 2015


The children in year 5 have been learning about the inspirational and influential Mary Seacole today. We have been truly blown away by her courage and kind nature! Mary Seacole stood up for her beliefs, despite racial prejudice.  Mary's intention was to volunteer her services to Florence Nightingale, who was setting up a hospital in the Crimea.

Even on the journey to England Mary encountered prejudice: as a Creole (with a white father and a black mother) she was considered of inferior status.

When she applied to the War Department in London to join Florence Nightingale as a nurse, she was turned away with the weak excuse that no more nurses were needed...although Mary was under no illusion that she was being rejected because of her colour.

So Mary decided to travel to the Crimea and build her own hospital and in spite of hearing stories about the harsh conditions she would encounter in the Crimea, she was determined to carry out her plans.


Year 5 Performance Poetry


Take a look at our Talking Turkeys style poems below. Well done to all the children who were very brave to perform!

Ruben, Humead and Afrimi

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Saeed and Safa

Still image for this video

Eisha and Ismael

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wendy and Hana

Still image for this video

Inayah, Aman and Rahima

Still image for this video

Kiran and Maliaka

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Alisha and Hasna

Still image for this video

Year 5 Safety Day- We created a news reports and had great fun using ipads to scan PR codes to find out safety facts!

Eid Mubarak

Hope that you all had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed your celebrations.


Mrs. New


Photos from our Authors' Weeks