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Hello 3C and welcome to our page. Ms Ali and I will be updating the page regularly with the exciting things we will be learning about. I will also be adding information and websites that you may find useful to help you make good progress with your work in class.
We have been designing and making Viking jewellery out of clay. Check out our fabulous work!

Viking Experience Day


The children were involved in a day where they took on the roles of Vikings. We had a real Viking come to our school to share her knowledge with us. The children each had their own Viking name, made their own Viking badge and learnt lots about the Viking way of life. They were able to handle real artefacts and find out what they were used for. The children really enjoyed their day.

We had fun learning all about Christopher Columbus and what he did whilst exploring the world. We found out that he discovered America. Here are some of our work we completed during the week.
Picture 1
In the new term we will be learning about Christopher Columbus for the first week. Below are some websites for you to have a look at and gain some knowledge.
We have had lots of fun making out moving dragons as part of our DT topic. Please take a look below to see what we have been making!
On Friday 20th March, we spent the day working on fractions. The children competed in a Who wants to be a millionaire style fractions quiz. It was very intense because every class wanted to win! Here are some photos of the children completing the fun activities.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Mother's Day Class Assembly 11th March 2015

On World Book Day (5th March 2015) year 3 studied the book: You're a bad man Mr Gum. We looked at how the author Andy Stanton described Mr Gum and his house and then we wrote our own descriptions of his house using some of the words that the author used. Here are some of our descriptions.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Diversity Day: Friday 23rd January 2015

Diversity Day: Friday 23rd January 2015  1
Diversity Day: Friday 23rd January 2015  2
Diversity Day: Friday 23rd January 2015  3

During Diversity Day the children learnt about why it is good to have diversity within the world and that people's differences should be celebrated. The children were read a poem about a crayon box and the reasons why the crayons work well together to create a picture were discussed and linked to humans being diverse and working together. The picture will be used in a display within our classroom.


Spring Curriculum Map

Spring Curriculum Map  1