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Welcome back to school!


This half term our topic is 'The Seaside!'


We will be going on a trip to the Sea life Centre on 15th July. This will give the children the chance to see sea animals first hand and will be very educational.


Please bring your money in by July 1st. The children can also bring £5 to spend at the Sea Life Centre.

Magna Carta Day

The Magna Carta is 800 years old this year!

We marked this event by dressing by and designing our own shields for the day.

We also wrote our own charter. We included everything that we felt should be in the law.

King Solomon Assembly- Birmingham City Mission

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Tamworth Castle Trip


Friday 27th March 2015

Class Assembly


Spring and Easter

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Music in School



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When we returned after the holidays, we focused on an explorer. Our explorer in year 2 was Scott of the Antarctic. The children decided to recreate snow using instruments.

The children selected their own instruments and we recreated a snow storm.

We were using the inter- related dimension of music- dynamics. This is how loudly an instrument is played.


The music progressed as follows:

Light snow, snowing, heavy snow, blizzard and back to light snow.


See if you can hear each of these!

We celebrated spring and Easter in our class assembly! The children all sung some lovely songs and read out some poems.

Solar Eclipse


We timed how long it took for the light to move across the table.

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For the first time since 1999, we were treated to a nearly total eclipse of the sun!

The children all watched the eclipse on the Interactive Board and we also carried out an experiment!

As the moon covered the sun, we watched the sun's light travel across one of our tables!

The children were amazed by how fast the light travelled!


Have a look at our pictures above!

Diversity Day


Celebrating Difference

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We celebrated each other differences in with our Diversity Day!


The children all wore bright colours and took part in some activities designed to allow them to experience life in somebody else's shoes.

World Book Day


A celebration of the Written Word

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We celebrated world book day by dressing up as our favourite book characters! We had many lovely costumes from both children and staff!

Fractions Day

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We worked hard on our maths on fractions day! The children took part in many different fractions based activities and we all had a great day!

Anti- Bullying Day

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We spoke about friendship relationships during anti- bullying day. The children understood why bullying is wrong and what to do if they feel that they are being bullied. All children in the class have very close friendships and now understand the importance of looking out for each other around school.