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Hello and welcome to the 1C class page!


We look forward to telling you about all of the fun things that we take part in this year!


To get you started...


  • Mrs Carter is the teacher in 1C and Mrs Shah will be her teaching assistant.
  • 1C will have P.E every Monday and Thursday
  • Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and should be returned by Monday.
  • Phonics homework will be given daily so please make sure you bring your book to school every day.
  • Reading books will be changed weekly.


Mrs Carter is new to Alston and looking forward to the learning adventure with 1C for 2015 and 2016.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

Picture 1

Maths Investigation Day

We had a lovely time doing lots of different maths investigations on the morning of 7th January 2016.

We made 3D shapes using lolly sticks and playdough, we looked at how many letters were in our names and what shapes they were, we made different 2-digit numbers using number cards and of course we did lots of adding and subtracting too!

Take a look at some of the work we did in these pictures...

Inspire Workshop for parents

8th December 2015

Thank you to the parents who came and joined us for our writing session on Tuesday morning. It was lovely to see you working with your children and to show you how they learn to write now that they are in Year 1.

Friendship Day

25th November 2015

We watched a video about bullying and talked about how we can be a good friend.


Outright day - 18th November 2015

Today 1C learnt about how schools and children can be affected by acts of war and also by natural disasters.

The children were encouraged to think about how fortunate they are to go to our wonderful school.

In our English lesson we looked at pictures of different schools from around the world and discussed which ones would be nice to go to and which ones wouldn't.

Picture 1 My right to be safe at school means that I can...
Picture 2 Yellow Group thought carefully about their work.

Children In Need 2015

Black History Day

On Friday 2nd October we learnt about Black History Day. The children enjoyed making timelines about significant people in black history from Mary Seacole (1805) to Usain Bolt (present day). For the rest of the day we learnt about Usain Bolt and his achievements. The children found out what a 'role model' was and thought about what they would like to ask Usain Bolt if they were to meet him.

Black History Day

Safety Day – 18th September 2015

We learnt about fire safety and that we must ‘STOP, DROP and ROLL’ if our clothes catch fire.

We made fire engines out of stickle bricks.


We watched a video about some hedgehogs learning how to cross the road safely. They told us to ‘STOP, THINK, and then GO’. We talked about how to ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ and did some role play.

Mrs Carter read us a story called Smartie the Penguin, which taught us all about how to be safe when using a computer. We learnt an internet safety song too.

Mrs Aftab talked to us about the people who help to keep us safe and we drew pictures of them.

Safety Day

Safety Day 1
Safety Day 2
Safety Day 3