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Welcome to the class page for 1AS!


We will be uploading lots of our children's work including photographs throughout this year!  So come and have a look at what we have been learning all about!


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Miss Smith, Mrs Farhat and Miss Malik

Magna Carta Day


On Friday 19th June we had a special day to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

We all made crowns and talked about how the Magna Carta meant that King John had to follow the laws of the land just like everyone else. We found out that most people couldn't read or write and so people used a seal instead of their name on important documents. We designed and made our own seals and put them on a copy of the school rules to say we agreed to follow them.





Hygiene Heroes

All of Year One had a visit from the hygiene heroes who told us about how we need to remember to wash our hands properly. They showed us how germs and dirt can go from our hands to all around the room using a special torch. They also tested our hands to see how many germs there were before and after we washed our hands.


You will be pleased to hear that the amount was much lower after we washed our hands!







Ash End House Farm



Our class visited Ash End House Farm.

We got to be real farmers by feeding and caring for the animals.

We found out lots of interesting things about the animals on the farm and we fed sheep, goats and hens.

We held chicks on our arms and saw a duckling trying to hatch from an egg.


We had such a fantastic day!
















Music Lesson Weather Theme

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In our music lesson we practiced composing weather music. We had to follow the conductor. We loved making the storm sounds

Music lesson two

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Music lesson three

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Music lesson four

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Music lesson five

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The continent of Oceania


This half term we are learning about the continent of Oceania. We enjoyed using Google Earth to take a trip to different places in Australia and New Zealand to see where they are and what they are like.



We also saw what our school looked like from above.

Our School and Our Local Area


This half term we have looked at our school and local area to see how they have changed as part of our History topic. We walked around the building spotting old features and things that have changed. We realised that the Office and the Reception classrooms have changed since last year. We were really surprised to find the signs for the boys entrance and the girls entrance!



We also liked the old fire bell!

Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter Bonnet Parade 1 We enjoyed modelling our bonnets!
Easter Bonnet Parade 2 The winner with his egg.

Comic Relief Day


We enjoyed making our faces funny for money and we learnt about how Comic Relief help people who aren't as lucky as us. We wore red and made ourselves look as silly as we could!

Our Sea Life Centre Trip

Here are three of our photos from the Sea Life Centre. As you can see, we all enjoyed it and had a great day.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our trip to the Sea Life Centre


We have had a lovely trip to the Sea Life Centre today and the children were a credit to their parents and the school. We will be using things we learnt in our lessons next week.

Sea Life Centre Visit

Friday 6th March 2015


Letters have been given to your children for our trip.  This is to support the children's learning during our topic next half term 'Under the Sea'.

It would help us if we could have the consent forms and money as soon as possible so that we can finalise all the arrangements.


Thank you